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Methodology Essay

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Ryanair Plc.

A. Industry Analysis

The Core Business

The Company operates a low fares scheduled passenger airline serving short haul, point to point routes primarily between Irlend and UK. Rynair airline reduced airport charge ,choosing secondary and regional air destinations, anxious to increase passengers throughput .In operation since 1985.the Company introduce a low cost operating model under a new management team in the early 1990s,the airline successfully restyle itself to become Europe's first low fares ,no frills carries ,built on the model of southwest Airline ,the highly successful Taxes based operator.

The PESTEL - Analysis

Political :-

Airline has always been fraught with ...view middle of the document...

Ryanair line imposed 50 cent wheelchair levy on every passenger ticket

Oleary's outspokenness called everything from "arrogant pig" to messiah.


In 2006 Aug growth by 23% to 22.1 m passenger. Total revenue 33% & ancillary (supported) Revenue 27%.unite cost increase 75%

In 2006 Sep 12% increase in net profit 74% increase in fuel cost and Increase 26% in passenger given 34.8 m in 2006

Cash pile of 2 bn in 2007 for expansion


It claimed that Ryanair website was largest travel website in European & fifth most recognized brand on Google, this potential to convert this web traffic into e-commerce & adv revenue.

Introduce cost cutting/yield enhancing measure for passenger check in and out (lagged handling) save an average of more than 1 per passenger (web based check in)


Ryanair replaced its fleet of old aircraft with new, more environmentally-friendly aircraft , newer aircraft of new aircraft produce reducing the average age of its fleets to 2.4 years 50 per cent less emissions ,45 per cent less fuel burn and noise emissions per seat

Plz add smth (land for growing airport)


Ryanair was in litigation with various airport over landing charges

Ryanair was vigorously defending French Government attempts to protect Air France -KLM by forcing easy jet and Rynair to move the staff they employ on French soil from British employment contracts to more expensive French ones.Ryanair took the initiative over illegal aid to rivals

B- Porter Five Forces: Analysis of the low- Cost Airline industry

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