Methods For Monitoring Drug Offenders

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Methods for Monitoring Drug OffendersOne of the major problems facing today's correctional system is overpopulation. Considering that more than 30% of the prisoners confined are drug users, and those users have a high rate of recidivism upon release. New methods are being implemented to deal with these offenders in lieu of incarceration. Rather than housing the offender in prison, many treatment options are now being offered as sentence. One such method is intense supervision, which involves frequent visits by the supervising agent, or house arrest and electronic monitoring, where the offender is, confined to a specific location usually the home.Another option being used is medi ...view middle of the document...

Effectiveness of treatment of Drug Abusers Under Criminal Justice Supervision. National Institute of Justice Report.Washington D C: U.S. Department of JusticeQuestion 2Privatizing the police in the 21st CenturyIn the late twentieth century there began a call from local communities to have more personalized protection from the police. The police, already at their limits due to manpower constraints and an increased number of service calls were unable to respond.Many communities resorted to private police and security agencies to handle their needs. These agencies were able to custom fit protection needs and well as carry the demand for a more community oriented policing agency. In fact, just the nature of hiring these Private Police agencies created a better feeling of well-being.The communities that employed these agencies, had their own private police agency that catered to their specific needs and gave directed attention to their areas in which they were employed. This caused crime rates in these areas to dramatically decrease and reaffirming that the addition cost incurred to the community ...


Young Offender Boot Camps Paper

3611 words - 15 pages includes electronic monitoring for three to six months and two agents for every 38 parolees- half the usual case load. The officials of this camp believe that these methods are the reason for their "better-than-average" recidivism rate. "Illinois graduates' recidivism rate, after three years: 21 percent returned to prison for a new felony offence. The rate for similar inmates who did not go to boot camp: 34 percent." Based on this data we could

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751 words - 4 pages the United States has tripled to 5.1 million between 1982 and 2007. According to Pew Center on the states report, which says financially struggling states can save money in the long run by investing in better supervision of these offenders. Use advances in supervision technology such as electronic monitoring and rapid results on alcohol and drug tests. Create incentives for offenders and supervision agencies to succeed and monitor their

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1395 words - 6 pages . a nationally representative sample of adolescents in the U.S 8. What role do biology and genetics play in juvenile delinquency a. Some people are predisposed for delinquency and criminality; some link exists; not a cause, a correlation; look at twin studies and adoption studies 9. What role does the family play in juvenile delinquency a. parent has drug/alcohol problem, parent rejection, low parental presence, monitoring, discipline and

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3828 words - 16 pages . Crimes not appearing on official statistics are called ‘the dark figure of crime’. The figure lacks reliability and validity. Some crimes are not reported Reasons why some crimes may not be reported include: stigma (rape, domestic violence), victim was involved in criminal activity (drug dealing). Crimes which must be reported for insurance (burglary) are nearly always reported. Some crimes are not recorded Sometimes crimes that are reported are not

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1540 words - 7 pages Schedule II drugs, or ones that are currently accepted for medical use but have a high risk of misuse; these include oxycodone, fentanyl, and morphine (Hoban). Obama also tried to reduce the prison sentences for nonviolent heroin offenders during his time, but failed to secure a larger law for this issue (Felter). On the other hand, Donald Trump’s initiative to stop the opioid crisis has to do with limiting over-prescription, stopping illicit drug

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2061 words - 9 pages questionable behavior by workers such as involvement in alcoholism, drug use, or domestic violence or experiencing episodes of emotional depression. Included in this indicator is monitoring erratic behaviors by officers, such as making too many out-of-town trips (more than is customary), radical changes in lifestyle, which might indicate the sudden acquisition of wealth, unexpected requests for reassignment, and sudden resignations. On a practical level

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2228 words - 9 pages feeling of shame for his or her actions it is hoped that the offender will be less likely to offend again.Before further examining why Restorative justice is an effective alternative to more common methods of rehabilitating offenders it will help to have a better understanding of why many of the other methods might not be as effective.As stated by Winterdyk, (2006, pg 433) punishment is ineffective. Punishment can be viewed as ineffective for many

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2584 words - 11 pages take it down a notch and slow down before we push things too fast” (Kirschenheuter). The resources for monitoring sex offenders are getting smaller and smaller. The city needs law enforcement to focus on people who are posing the greatest risk of reoffending. The deputies that go to check on whether or not the offender lives have to locate around 104,000 registered sex offenders and with only a task force of 2,500 it is often difficult to check on

Control Mechanisms

926 words - 4 pages Free , whether financial, physical, environmental, or mechanical is closely monitored with the different spreadsheets, statements, cost reports, and management analysis during staff meetings. Employee reactions to some of the control methods the organization chooses to use range from acceptance to feeling as though the organization is invading the employee's privacy. The use of random drug screens, for instance, often produces a groan in the throat of

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1112 words - 5 pages forced to participate in the drug trafficking business. The very own Mexican government has been linked to certain drug trafficking trades. In 1971, U.S. president Richard Nixon declared a war on drugs due to the rising levels of drug addiction. Nixon imposed penalties for offenders on the illegal drug use, distribution and trade. Nixon declared a combat war alongside the Mexican- U.S. border in order to cease any illegal drug importations. The

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1063 words - 5 pages anesthesia care. In certain rare or unusual circumstances, 1) some of these methods of monitoring may be clinically impractical, and 2) appropriate use of the described monitoring methods may fail to detect untoward clinical developments. Brief interruptions of continual† monitoring may be unavoidable. These standards are not intended for application to the care of the obstetrical patient in labor or in the conduct of pain management. 1

Understanding Sexual Addiction And Possible Treatments

1944 words - 8 pages that their actions are unacceptable and will not be tolerated, but this also must be done in such a way that they receive the necessary treatment for this type of addiction. All people are responsible for their actions and must be held accountable for them with firm consequences.In many instances, society needs to be protected from sex offenders and the only way to accomplish this is to place them behind bars. Some sex offenders cannot be

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2214 words - 9 pages problem solving, both for fighting crime and for emphasizing accountability for law enforcement agencies (Santos, 2017). Intelligence-Led Policing This method of policing emphasizes the collection, analyzation and interpretation of the data in order to attempt to identify repeat offenders and potential victims. Another key component of this method is that allows for a partnership between the law enforcement agency and the community in order to

Crime Myths

2267 words - 10 pages and investigation involved with producing more current and up to date methods of crime control and prevention. (Kappeler, Blumberg & Potter 1993)A common myth within our society is that separation of violent offenders from the community by imprisonment will enhance our community's safety. Prisons are very dangerous and are common places for those inside to learn further in regards to violent behaviour. A person's ability to live

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952 words - 4 pages pursued war on drugs is the imprisonment of tens of thousands of people for low-level, nonviolent drug crimes.”(editorial). Yes people who break the law need to be held accountable for their actions, however many low level offenders; like drug offenders, serve lengthy prisons sentences for such a petty crime. Consequently costing Texas millions.“About half of all federal inmates are in prison because of drugs. Since 1980, the number of federal inmates