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Methods For Monitoring Drug Offenders Essay

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Methods for Monitoring Drug OffendersOne of the major problems facing today's correctional system is overpopulation. Considering that more than 30% of the prisoners confined are drug users, and those users have a high rate of recidivism upon release. New methods are being implemented to deal with these offenders in lieu of incarceration. Rather than housing the offender in prison, many treatment options are now being offered as sentence. One such method is intense supervision, which involves frequent visits by the supervising agent, or house arrest and electronic monitoring, where the offender is, confined to a specific location usually the home.Another option being used is medical ...view middle of the document...

Effectiveness of treatment of Drug Abusers Under Criminal Justice Supervision. National Institute of Justice Report.Washington D C: U.S. Department of JusticeQuestion 2Privatizing the police in the 21st CenturyIn the late twentieth century there began a call from local communities to have more personalized protection from the police. The police, already at their limits due to manpower constraints and an increased number of service calls were unable to respond.Many communities resorted to private police and security agencies to handle their needs. These agencies were able to custom fit protection needs and well as carry the demand for a more community oriented policing agency. In fact, just the nature of hiring these Private Police agencies created a better feeling of well-being.The communities that employed these agencies, had their own private police agency that catered to their specific needs and gave directed attention to their areas in which they were employed. This caused crime rates in these areas to dramatically decrease and reaffirming that the addition cost incurred to the community was...

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