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Mexico Essay

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"May God deny you peace, but grant you glory, gentlemen, to the bulls" (pg. 226). Throughout Mexican history, the Spanish have been shown to be preoccupied with death and the thrill of risking their own natural lives. "Olé!" shouted the crowd as the great bull veered passed the stumbling Matador. "Olé!" everyone shouted again as the massive bull was brought back. Historical and Narratological aspects of "Mexico" create a novel in which fictional characters portrayed by the two primary bullfighters epitomize the continuing cultural conflict between Spaniard and Indian.From the brutality and brilliance of the ancients, to the iron fist of the invading Spaniards, to the modern-day ...view middle of the document...

"In this position the young warrior looked into the eyes of a ferocious priest who approached with a long, sharp dagger, which he drove into the prisoner's chest under the last rib and across the belly and reaching with his left hand into the cavity to tear out the living heart" (pg. 158). The Aztecs and Altomecs were thought of as barbarians but in time they came to realize their mistakes; which weakened them and lead to their downfall.April 21, 1519 the year of Aztec reckoning--marked the opening of a short but decisive chapter in Mexico's history. The Spanish raged war on the Indian Aztecs causing their kingdom to crumble with little effort. "In the next five days the Spaniards destroyed more than two thousands Altomec statues, burned nearly half a mile of tanned animals hides on which the history of the city had been recorded, and eradicated almost all visible signs of culture" (pg.343). The triumphant efforts by the Spanish allowed what was left of the Aztecs to live together in peace and harmony. The fictional characters incorporated by Michener, Antonio and Tomeito, are the high priest rulers of the city of Toledo in Mexico. Antonio's life was dedicated to building and creating magnificent structures for the future to marvel at. Tomeito's plans were to find the large amounts of silver that were still hidden somewhere in the hills of Toledo. The Spanish were the "tribe" who revolutionized the way Toledo and Mexico looks now.The powerful circumference of the Americans struck fear in the eyes of the world, knowing war with them was indisputably impossible. The American-Mexican war took place between the years of 1846 - 1848 and portrayed the awesome power of the Americans when they triumphed in Mexico City. Confrontation had been taking place between the Americans and Mexicans for many years but this war finally sealed the deal. "Since our final victory carried us right to the gates of the Mexican capital, which was poorly defended, we expected General Scott to give us the order: Rush in, overwhelm the guards and celebrate a well-earned victory" (pg. 434). This war wasn't the only war that was brewing for the Americans; the war between themselves was at hand between the North and South. This war was probably one of the most dreadful and appalling wars that America had ever encountered. Family members from the South were fighting family members from the north; a war like this should never have taken place. "In the thirteen years between 1848, when he left Mexico, till 1861, when he became intensely concerned about the efforts of the Northern politicians to deprive Southern planters like himself of their right to own and work slaves, Jubal Clay lived a happy life on Newfield's, his cotton kingdom northeast of Richmond" (pg.452). Bloodshed for the fight of more land is somewhat tolerable but the bloodshed between your own people is simply despicable.The history revealed in this book optimizes the cultural conflicts as far back as the Ancients...

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