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Intellectual Kung-FuIntroductionAll of us have heard, read, and even used logical fallacies in arguing our viewpoints. Actually, some of the best politicians and philosophers have developed the skills to recognize and use logical fallacies to their advantage. Therefore, it is important as students and citizens that we study and become familiar with these tactics so we can think logically, form opinions, and properly make decisions.Dr. Labossiere (1995) describes a fallacy as an error in reasoning. This does not necessarily mean the facts are wrong, but the premises do not support the conclusion and eventually leads to an erroneous argument. Fallacies are statements that might sound sensi ...view middle of the document...

This line of analysis is fallacious because the attack is directed at the person making the claim and not the claim itself. True debate occurs when the claim is independent of the person making the claim.Examples of Attacking the Person- Joe claims that Sally would make a good manager- However I find Joe's alcohol addiction intolerable- Therefore, I am not going to consider Sally for the promotionIn the above example, I am using and attacking Joe's behavior for my decision concerning Sally's promotion. Joe's addiction should have no bearing on Sally's career.- Joe claims that the Congressman's economic plan is unrealistic- I respect Joe because he is a CPA- Therefore, I am not going to vote for the economic proposalIn this example, I am incorrectly using Joe's credentials to determine my opinion on the economic plan. This common type of fallacy is praising people who make an argument. Although I may use Joe's opinion, the economic plan should stand-alone and not depend on Joe's education.It must be noted that not all Ad hominems are false. In some cases, an individual's character can bring validity to the claim. If it is proven the person bringing the claim is a pathological liar, then what he or she says can be considered unreliable. But remember, even pathological liars speak the truth sometimes. Therefore, it is important to focus the attention on the claim on not on who made the claim.Two Wrongs Make a RightTwo wrongs make a right is a logical fallacy when it is assumed that if one wrong is committed, another wrong is acceptable or will cancel it out. Dr. Michael C. Labossiere (1995) defines the fallacy in which a person "justifies" an action against a person by asserting that the person would do the s...


Critical Thinking And Decision Making. Let It Pour: A Critical Thinking Case Study

1375 words - 6 pages Let it pour: A critical thinking case studyThere is growing problem that is facing all operations of the Faith Community Hospital. From administrative staff members down to the nurses and doctors, all personnel have lost the intent and scope of the vision. With the different agendas that are being introduced into the daily operations, it has become a very difficult task for the management team and the various members of its support staff to

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3578 words - 15 pages Free HOLMESGLEN INSTITUTE Discuss the relevance of critical thinking in academic writing and problem solving. Provide suitable examples to support your arguments. REPORT Prepared for: Dr. David Chin Prepared by: Jan Van Auza Beldeniza Student ID : 100584581 Due Date : 10 April 2018 No. of Words: 3155 Contents 1. Executive Summary 3 2. Introduction 3 3. Critical thinking defined 3 4. Critical thinking in academic writing 4 4.1 Evaluating and

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751 words - 4 pages Language: South Park and the Transformation of Meaning” by Marcus Schulzke, the author discusses how although South Park can be rather crass, it touches upon taboo topics and enlightens viewers on serious social affairs. The paper focuses on the episode “The F Word” which challenges censorship and the use of offensive language. Schulzke emphasizes that “the meaning of words and their power to offend is a central theme in South Park” (Schulzke, 2012

Critical Thinking For Indonesian Language

760 words - 4 pages The use of language is the primary building block for communicating in any civilization. Language is a vital tool for almost every aspect of our lives; therefore, it is imperative that society continues to seek new techniques and ways to effectively teach Language. The author A. Alwashilah wrote an article titled "Critical thinking crucial to global success". (2002, may 02) The Jakarta Post. The author writes about the perception that the

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1510 words - 7 pages contradictory of P (if P, then Q - not P, not Q). For both modus ponens and modus tollens, once the validity has been wrapped up, and you notice the premises are true in our world, then it becomes sound. Bad reasonings that do not include the form being bad is called fallacies. One example of a fallacy would be the straw man fallacy. The straw man fallacy is a form of argument when someone substitutes a person’s position or argument with a distorted or

Assignment On Bloom's Major Novelists

405 words - 2 pages Includes bibliographical references (p. 112-118) and index.Summary A comprehensive research and study guide for several novels by Charles Dickens, including plot summaries, thematic analyses, lists of characters, and critical views.Contents Biography of Charles Dickens -- [pt. 1]. Plot summary of Great expectations -- List of characters in Great expectations -- Critical views on Great expectations: -- Sylvére Monod on the morality of the

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1178 words - 5 pages Meskerem Woldegerima Assignment 1: Personal Response to Reading Verlinden, J 2005, Critical Thinking and Everyday Argument, Wadsworth/Thompson Learning, Southbank, Victoria, pp. 16-27. Description: In this article Verlinden explains what critical thinking is and considers the skills involved with critical thinking. The word critical thinking is usually misunderstood by people for finding fault in people’s ideas. However critical thinking

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962 words - 4 pages Free their thoughts, feelings, responses, reactions, opinions and ideas on the material explored. Critical thinking should be demonstrated in these reflections. While this task is not a research task, sources referred to in your reflections still need to be referenced using the APA referencing style. For information on the style of writing required, please refer to the samples and guides provided on the course Moodle page. 2. Criteria used to grade

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717 words - 3 pages Free because we put too much importance on entertainment. Steps 2, 3, and 4 will require: · THINKING. · Complete sentences. · Examination of your data. Step #2: Ask questions Answer in a few short paragraphs. 1. What do you personally value most between ethos, logos, and pathos? Why? 2. How much does the presence of fallacies make you distrust the argument? Are some fallacies worse than others? Step #3: Draw a conclusion 1. Compare the ethos, logos, and

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3160 words - 13 pages Dempski 1 Kyle Dempski Dr. Bush Philosophy 105: Section 006 15/March/2017 Option 1 (Race & Science): How Scientists Contributed to the Illusion of Race in America Critical thinking, as discussed in class and on the course syllabus, is a reflective and analytical style of thinking, with its basis in logic, rationality, and synthesis. It means delving deeper and asking questions like: why is that so? Where is the evidence? How good is that

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668 words - 3 pages questions: 1. Describe your growth over the past semester as related to your (a) critical thinking, (b) reading abilities, and (c) writing abilities. 2. What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment this semester? Why? 3. What do you feel was your greatest weakness this semester? Why? 4. If you were going to sum up the 2‐3 major things you’re taking away from this class, what would they be? Final Portfolio Grading Criteria Contents: 50 points · First

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3179 words - 13 pages Free ongoing conflict has on our interpretation of war and its place in society. Using Kaldor’s suggestion of a more civilised form of security that established a viable legal system, I will consider the problems posed by the aims of contemporary war. In addition, this essay will engage with the ‘Network War’ and ‘Hybrid War’ theses’ from a critical point of view, to extend Kaldor’s existing argument. One of the most frequently cited aspects of

Nature Of Logic

957 words - 4 pages usually be different in some shape, form, or fashion. Therefore, perception is not always reality. Critical Thinking Critical thinking can be summed up as the process in which people use logic to evaluate situations. Feeling, opinions, and assumptions can create a false image of the truth. However, by using the critical thinking process and evaluating facts, the truth or reality can be discovered. Critical thinkers still have perceptions. The

Evangelical Humanism

1805 words - 8 pages distinquished from "humanitarianism" (the benevolent actions of men toward other men) and the "humanities" (educational disciplines which study the enculturation of man) and "humanity" or "humanness" (what God created us to be as man). Humanism is a presuppositional pattern of thinking that postulates the potentiality of man for self-realization, self-actualization and self-generation. It involves a human-potential premise that man has the inherent

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698 words - 3 pages afternoon. She sat unmoving for a long time. Her eyes blinked rarely. Oppression and being dominated in a relationship can feel like it’s dragging you down. In Steinbeck’s short story "The Chrysanthemums" the author demonstrates the polarizing sides of a relationship through the setting. Specifically, by interpreting the colour and liveliness of the setting, as well as the use of pathetic fallacy and imagery. It is clear that the outside valley