Microtheme Essay On Aldous Huxley And George Orwell Authors - English 12 - Essay

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Joey Sacco
Mrs. Williscroft
Honors 12 (6)
11 January 2019
Microtheme Essay
Both Aldous Huxley and George Orwell are the authors of dystopian novels. George
Orwell’s ​1984 ​focuses on the life of Winston Smith, a low-ranking member of the Outer Party in
the nation of Oceania. Winston is an isolated individual who despises his nation’s leader, Big
Brother, who monitors his every act by the use of telescreens and Thought Police. In Huxley’s
Brave New World, ​one of the predominant characters, Bernard Marx, begins as a lonely outcast
who despises the society and the way people interact. As the novel progresses, Bernard takes
advantage of an outcast much like himself in order to increase his acceptance in society.
Characters can endure a loss of identity in different ways. One can be forced due to physical and
mental manipulation whereas the other can let an experience of popularity affect their character.
Orwell demonstrates the loss of identity when Winston is forced into Room 101 in Miniluv and
physically and mentally tortured. Huxley portrays Bernard’s loss of identity when his whole
character transforms due to the way others begin to accept him.
Winston’s hatred for Big Brother and his desire to rebel becomes evident as the novel
progresses. He eventually comes in contact with an Upper Party member by the name of O’Brien
who is said to be apart of the Brotherhood, which is a rebellious group aiming to overthrow Big
Brother. Winston’s short involvement with the Brotherhood comes to an end after he is captured
by the Thought Police and held captive in the Ministry of Love. Here, O’Brien tortures Winston
Sacco 2
and manipulates him into shifting his views on his biggest enemy and eventually “​He had won
the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother” (Orwell 3.6.41). ​Miniluv u...

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