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Transitioning to natural wash day
Transitioning to natural hair is a process of growing out one’s natural hair texture before many decide to cut off the damaged or processed ends. Accepting natural hair has become an upcoming love for the curly hair community. A transitioning wash day usually takes all day due to the two different textures to compete with. Transitioning hair has many knots and tangles to deal with these textures, it is important to have a wash day routine that includes pre-pooing, shampoo and conditioning, and deep conditioning.
A pre-poo is a treatment that adds to ones hair before shampooing and conditioning, it helps provide a shield for the harsh stripping shampoo that has sulfate it strips hair of natural oils and moisture, first start by adding olive oil to your hair and leaving it in for twenty minutes it helps increase the moisture and elasticity to transitioning hair .Then detangle from the end of hair and work up to the roots than rinse .
Then shampoo and condition, shampoo that is used clean hair by removing dirt and hair oil. start by apply warm water to hair. then apply shampoo to the to the scalp, but do not apply to the ends off hair or it will make it dry, next gently scrub scalp and massage to remove all dirt and oils then rinse with warm water. Following that apply conditioner it is used to soften hair, easier to comb/brush out, restore shine and the normal ph. balance. start by applying cool water then spread conditioner to the ends of hair because it is the most venerable part the work your way to the middle. finally, rinse with cool water and dry with a cotton towel.
Lastly apply a deep conditioner, deep conditioning is the process of strengthen your hair of moisture or protein, transitioning hair tends to get brittle and dry, led to excessive breakage or split ends that’s a sign that a deep conditioner is needed. You will start by parting your hair into 4 sections then section at a time following that apply the deep conditioner from the scalp to the ends, next put on a thermal cap for thirty minutes and steam, after that rinse with warm water. Finally, apply oils, milk, etc. then style.
In conclusion transitioning hair has really become a great epidemic for the curly hair community. By accepting, nurturing, and loving one’s curly roots boost self confidence and will make many people happy in life. A wash day is the most important part in keeping one’s hair happy strong and healthy, HAPPY NATURAL HAIR ALL 2K19!


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