Midterm Essay About William Shakespeare Poems And Works Richland College English 1302 Essay

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Baig 1
Mohammad Baig
Professor Shepard
28 October 2016
Question 1
William Shakespeare, in his play, “Romeo and Juliet,” portrays many different complex
relationships, situations, and emotions. Shakespeare accompanies Romeo with a friend,
Mercutio. Romeo is portrayed as a shy, naive, and romantic young man, completely contrasting
Mercutio. Mercutio can be described humorous and lewd, always fighting the Capulets, while
Romeo wishes not to get involved. He seems to not believe in the idea of true love and is hostile
towards women.. He is sceptical and actually mocks love. For example he is seen mocking
Romeo when he finds that Romeo is in love with Juliet. Despite their differences, Romeo and
Mercutio have maintained a strong friendship. Mercutio has proven to be a loyal companion and
helps him in great times of distress. For example, when Romeo had lost his love, Rosaline,
Mercutio stepped in and lifts Romeo’s spirit by mocking his love, but succeeds to distract his
mind from Rosaline. From one perspective, it can be seen that Mercutio died for Romeo. After
seeing him fail to confront Tybalt, Mercutio steps in and duels Tybalt. From this view it shows
the loyalty and the depth of friendship between the two. Mercutio’s style and and his
aggressiveness seems to rub off on Romeo. When Mercutio dies in Romeo’s arms, something in
Romeo snaps. Romeo demonstrates this aggression and is taken out on Tybalt and Paris as he
kills them both. It is clear that Mercutio had some effect on Romeo, seeing that after his death
Baig 2
Romeo turns to violence, abandoning his shy and gentle personality. His love for his friend
caused him to kill Mercutio’s killer, Tybalt. Paris does attack Romeo, however, after killing
Tybalt, Romeo has no hesitation to take another life and does just that. The “old” Romeo would
certainly not kill a person, but Mercutio’s death has impacted him in this way.
A friend or someone close to the main character that advises the main character is
consistently seen in William Shakespeare's plays. In “Romeo and Juliet,” has a friend, Mercutio.
In “Coriolanus,” other than his mother, Coriolanus has Menenius as a friend. In the beginning of
the story. Coriolanus returns from a battle, which he has won for the Rome. He is praised for his
military triumph and is offered consul. During his campaign, he is faced with many obstacles.
Coriolanus is perceived as an enemy and traitor by the common people. Coriolanus adds fuel to
this and speaks out furiously. During his times of hardship, Menenius, a much more powerful
and experienced politician helps Coriolanus. He has great respect with the people and the Senate.
Menenius and Coriolanus can be seen as similar in some ways. Both dislike the plebeians;
however, Menenius is such a gifted politician that he can make it seems as if he loves the
common people and is for their best interest, when in fact he does not. This is where Coriolanus
falls behind and is too bold and awkwa...


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