Military Dicipline And Time Managment Military Essay

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To: Sgt Bland
From: Pvt2 Kirschner
cc: 401st MP Co
Date: 2010821
Re: Acts of patterns and misconduct
Chapter 14-12b refers to; Soldiers are subject to separation per this chapter for the discreditable involvement with civil or military authorities and/or conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline. Discreditable conduct and conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline includes conduct that violates accepted standards of personal conduct found in the UCMJ, Army Regulations, the civil law, and time-honored customs and traditions of the Army. With that Discipline is a value that we are taught in childhood. Discipline refers to rules and being organized in every aspect of our life. This makes it easy to complete our different tasks and activities efficiently and achieve success easily. When we are disciplined we save time. Discipline helps us utilize time to our best advantage. Instead of wasting time on useless activities, we do the tasks necessary to reach our goals. We work in an orderly and organized fashion. We are obedient to rules, for disobeying rules does not let us reach our goal. This is also why discipline is so big in the military, without it there would be no structure or foundation. And with discipline there is the Importance of Following Orders. Following orders is very important in the military. Obedience is what enables the military to operate in an organized and effective way which is clearly very important during challenging situations. While someone can question the obedience in daily life, that option isn’t really given in the milita...


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627 words - 3 pages Free soldiers if we make that hard or easy because if we all do what were supposed to do it would be very smooth but when we stray from the reason we joined the military in the first place it can get very hard for everyone. When soldiers are on time in the right place it shows a sense of discipline and that you can be trusted to be in the right place on time maybe giving you the chance to be in a leadership position. It is important that all soldiers are

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1391 words - 6 pages points out the military leadership weaknesses displayed by Union and Confederate forces. Williams opens his essay by stressing and explaining the importance of leaders during a time of war. He states that " is the general who is the decisive factor in battle." (p.39). This is an accepted belief among many great leaders of the past. A successful leader must be able to demonstrate confidence and morale even in times of weakness, as well as

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580 words - 3 pages Untitled Alexandria Mendiola Time Time is often taken for granted. Sure, Time is undoubtedly always going to be there, but what people fail to see is that Time does way more than what one expects. Time is the mother who nourishes, the friend who heals, and the snake that suffocates. Time is the mother who nourishes. She cradles us as an infant, and sings us harmoniously through our childhood. She then takes us by the hand

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2491 words - 10 pages schools and communities that have been military impacted. Although there has always been a need for this field of work, recently having social workers joining the military has been a growing process since 1945. They shoulder the responsibility to guide and help those who are serving to serve at their best in every way. Because their is a big difference between being a civilian who is not in the military those personnel have a difficult time

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