Millennials Compared To Earlier Generations Composition Essay

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Millennials might be the most different generation yet. All the new technology, new trends, and new way of life. Our generation sets new trends every day and is always changing things. We all grew up being taught to believe in ourselves and do what we think is best. Every day we are creating new things that change how the world works. Some people think of our generation as good, some think bad. Three people, Hess, Stein, and Twenge all have different views about millennials. They all think that Millennials are very different from any other generation and have special characteristics that make them that way. The information they provide is important and I agree with most of what they say.
Twenge thinks about our generation as a narcissistic group that has high self-esteem, and thinks it is bad. She talks about how every day kids and teens are going to school and learning that if you try and think you did your best, that is fine. “Generation Me is the first generation raised to believe that everyone should have high self-esteem” (Twenge 53). Twenge doesn’t like this and thinks self-control is drastically more important. She believes that if you can control yourself and make good actions, that is the key to getting somewhere in life. I think she provides a great viewpoint on this information and her opinion is valid. My belief is that many kids and teens, along with some adults are carefree in their lives. They don’t care about their grades, their actions, or even the people around them. This is because they grew up being taught that all you need in life is to feel good about yourself. I agree that millennials need self-control. We need to be able to make good actions when important things are happening, and be able to make decisions when we grow up. When I was younger my parents were strict and I think they taught me well. They made sure I knew there were consequences for my actions and that not everything would go the way I wanted. I am happy the taught me this way because I feel that self-control has helped me more than self-esteem and believing that I can do well. If you don’t put work in to something, you aren’t going to get anything out.
In Stein’s article “The New Greatest Generation” he talks about how millennials are lazy, narcissistic and ready for change. He says this is like what other generations would say to each other, but says he has proof. “I am about to do what old people have done throughout history: call those younger than me lazy, entitled, selfish and shallow. But I have studies! I have statistics!” (Stein 2...


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