Mise En Scene In The Princess Bride West High School. Film Study Essay

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Teresa Rojo Sanchez
Film Studies
March 22, 2018
“The Princess Bride”
In this movie we are familiar with the epic battle in which Inigo Montoya avenges his father after getting his own multiple wounds miraculously healed just by repeating the rehearsed lines he always dreamt to say to his father’s murderer “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die”, through the powerful feeling of revenge he gains strength enough to finally end with the six fingers man, also known as Count Rugen, who killed his father years ago. The scene is set at the end of a prosecution through the castle. Count Rugen, who is running away from Inigo, finds himself trapped in a room but besides his sword he has a knife and does not hesitate to throw it at Inigo’s stomach the second he appears at the end of the stairs, leaving him terribly injured.
At the beginning of the scene we have Inigo Montoya ,the amazing swordsman, leaning in the dirty wall and sit in the floor in a semi dark corner next to the cracked old stairs. One of his hands is holding his legendary sword while the other one is grabbing the knife that just went through his stomach and still stuck there. His clothes are all wrinkled and his hair is messy, we can see in his eyes that he is tired and in pain despite not showing a specially painful or alarmating expression on his face which is meant to make him look kind of tougher and more honorable. Because of the dull and sad colors (grey, dirty beige, brown, black) that we see in the corner where he is leaning, there is a tone of coldness and defeat that makes us feel like this is the end of Inigo Montoya. Even though there is a tone of surrender we can appreciate how Inigo is only partially in the dark [Only a bit on his left side] created the shadow of a piece of furniture , because there is still some sunlight that goes directly to his figure making him project a shadow as well, and stand up from the background, we can also see the handle of his sword is kind of shinny in contrast to the rest of the colors which could symbolize hope and the fact that this is definitely not the end of Inigo Montoya.
Just after Inigo takes the knife out of his stomach we have a medium shot with a straight up angle focused on Count Rugen who just slightly raised his head showing surprise. In the back there is a fancy table set up for what could be a royal banquet considering we are in a castle, there is a silver cutlery, candelabra and flowers everywhere ,dishes full of food ...etc all this part of the setting is illuminated by the candles. Count Rugen is wearing a nice decorated dark blue shirt that along with the expensive background makes him look more elegant and of a higher class in contrast to Inigo’s humble clothing and background.
The second shot is way more colorful than Inigo’s but we have a cold mood full of cruelty, comparing it to the last one we can appreciate the contrast between the two characters. Inigo looks much more humble,simple ...


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