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Mistaken Essay

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I walked up my childhood acquainted winding stairs in the lighthouse. It had been thirty years since I had left my beloved home to go overseas. Up and up I went before I came across the same old black door, which had remained the same except that some paint had worn off. I attempted to push open the door, and surprisingly, I succeeded. "Strange, Mum had never left the door opened."As I murmured to myself, the door creaked open ...view middle of the document...

Below one of them, were my mum's best clothes. Viewing myself through the mirror on the door, I inadvertently tripped over a soft lumpy object, which turned out to be my pet dog, who grew from a weak but adorable puppy to a strong and handsome dog over the years.Just as I was observing the house, a plump, red-haired old woman, unmistakably my mum, stumped out of the kitchen. "Mum!" I shouted. "YOUR MUM? I never had a lunatic like you as a son. Look! Long, messy and greasy hair, long nails..." Although she continued bellowing at the top of her voice, I ignored what she was saying, for the first and yet, the last time. I could not accept the fact that she could not recognize me, her own son, anymore."BURGLAR!" My mum shouted suddenly. Dashing out of the door, I unpremeditatedly tripped over the stairs, and rolled down the stairs without any control. "Bang!" I crashed onto a sharp edge of the wall. Blood and tears tickled down my face, while I heard a peaceful music echoing in my ears before everything in front of me was replaced by total darkness. As far as I was concerned, death had claimed me for his own.

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