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Mobile Phones Essay

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Name: KONDLA SUMANClass: UP Writing.Instructor Name: ERIN FRANKEN.Although mobile phone make the world smaller, they lead to several negative effects.Mobile phones, one of the important invention of the man which bought world together to communicate with each other. It plays an important role in our day to day life. Mainly mobile phones are used to communicate to our friends, family and our relatives. We can also text the messages through the mobile from one to other. Now a days smartphones are introduced these helps more than a computer. By using internet in the smart phone we can find route map called navigation to particular distance, weather reports, and stock market and Google tools .We ...view middle of the document...

So called electromagnetic radiation. The Study, A possible impact of communication tower on wildlife birds and bees, by a ministry of Environment and Forests expert committee, shows that the Electromagnetic Radiation is largely responsible for reveals and decreasing egg production of bees. This committee recommended regular auditing of Electromagnetic Radiations levels and creating awareness considering as a pollutant.Mr. Shrikant Deshpande says, "Rules for establishment of mobile towers are not followed. Mobile companies increasing the tower frequencies in order to keep up more towers which in turn negatively affect birds. Studies say Electromagnetic Radiations have unfavorable impact on bees starting an unusual method called colony collapse disorder. The Electromagnetic Radiation also disturbs with bees' routing system, prevents them from finding their way back to their hives. A panel also suggested framing of a law to protect urban flora and fauna from threats like EMR (Pinjakar & Nair).Mobile phone has become one of the organ in our body. The main function of the phone is communication between each other with easier and fast. But it causes a problem in communicating. Mainly mobile phone effects on Human to Human interaction. Talking on mobile phones are rapidly changing the face to face talking between people. In olden days we have a telephone those are using for only conveying important messages and usage of phone is limited too. There are many more other effects by using mobile phone like...

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