Modern Communication Dependencies English 103 Research Paper

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Modern Communication Dependencies
The United States today is considered one of the top technologically advanced countries in the world. This can be looked at in a very good way but it also can be viewed as a problem. Since most people of the United States are to be considered economically stable, we can assume that a vast majority of these people have access to a cell phone at any time. The effects of access to a cell phone are viewed by society to be very helpful but it also brings forth many problems. The instant access can cause a major distraction to a person’s everyday life and also this distraction can cause a reduction in the amount of productive time performed throughout the day. One way that a person can be distracted is simply through text messaging. We all have certain people in our lives that mean a lot to us and when being able to contact them at any part of the day we are distracted from are necessary work. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become very popular and are most commonly used on a person’s cell phone. These platforms can cause many distractions to a person’s daily routine. Social media is related to certain issues such as over sharing, and creating social “network” drinkers. Steps can be taken to reduce the time a person spends a day on their phone but the problem that I see is that people are not willing to do so. Addiction to cell phones is causing a problem in America by distracting people during school and work and also harming a person’s personal life; the ways society can solve this problem are by having more strict rules in the classroom and workplace and also through a user’s own disciple.
Prior to cell phones and social media becoming an all day and everyday habit for society, teachers and bosses would not have to worry about the distractions that came along with the constant usage. Today cell phones, the Internet, and social networking are affecting education in both positive and negative ways. In the classroom, cellphones can enhance academic performance when used correctly and in agreement with the schools electronic device policy. An example of an electronic device policy can be found in a majority of student’s syllabi at Rock Valley College in Rockford, Illinois and it states, “Electronic devices may be used in the classroom as long as they are being used for academic purposes and/or are an approved accommodation for a documented disability.” By making this a policy for every student, Rock Valley College gives students the opportunity to use cellphones for beneficial use in the classroom. We see cell phones having a positive impact on education when students use them for course-related purposes like taking notes, researching, and communicating with other classmates will participation in in-group activities. However, cell phones can also have a negative effect on education and they have the potential to outweigh the positive effects. The fi...


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