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Running head: REBT and Cognitive Behavior Therapy 1
REBT and Cognitive Behavior Therapy 3
Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Abe wilsom
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Reflection paper Week 15
Cognitive Behavior Therapy
how long it took to see progress using the psychoanalytic model, Ellis became dismayed. However, a breakthrough occurred when Ellis discovered that his clients improved faster once they changed their ways of thinking about themselves and their situations. As a result, REBT was born as a new approach to psychotherapy (Corey, 2017, p.271). REBT is considered a parent of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, but was preceded by earlier schools of thought such as Adlerianism, Psychoanalysis, and ancient Easternand Greecian Philosophies (Corey, 2017, p.271). Upon reading the numerous contemporary counseling theories, I felt that each one had something that I could relate to, whether it was through logical arguments or from my own personal experiences. What makes me like REBT so much is that it borrows from so many schools of thought. It is my belief that all counseling theories and models should be known and taught, because not everyone thinks the same way or responds the same to a particular treatment method. Therefore, I like the fact that REBT theory can adapt to different personalities. Next, another aspect of REBT that resonates with me is its core assumption that people’s beliefs contribute to their psychological problems. According to Corey (2017), The philosopher Epictetus said: “People are disturbed not by events, but by the views which they take of them” (p.272). The people closest to us influence our beliefs the most. Lastly, The REBT model posits that “We actively reinforce our self -defeating beliefs through the processes of autosuggestion, repetition, and when we then behave in ways that are consistent with those beliefs” (Corey, 2017 p.272).
Goals For Therapy
According to Corey (2017), Ellis mentions that the main goal of therapy is for the person to become psychollagically healthy. For this to occur, the person needs to stop blaming themselves or others and learn to accept themselves without conditions (p.272). Firstly, by using the A-B-C Framework, the client is taught how their beliefs about events create the emotional disturbances that they want to stop. Next, clients are taught how to detect, challenge, and dispute their irrational beliefs. The goal is that by becoming aware of and challenging their beliefs, clients will lessen or eliminate their hurtful emotional reactions. The final goal is for the client to develop new and healthy beliefs to replace the unhealthy beliefs.
Role of Therapist
The role of the therapist is firstly, to make the client aware that they have incorporated many rigid and irrational beliefs into their way of thinking. The second step is to help the client become aware of how the irrational beliefs that they have leads to a self-fulfilling proficy. In other words, they ...


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