Module 5 Ra 2: Psychological Evaluation And Risk Assessment Argosy University/ Forensic Psychology Assignment

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Module 5 RA 2: Psychological Evaluation and Risk Assessment
Argosy University
June 25, 2018
The parole board works with the criminal justice system by obtaining a psychological assessment on the prisoner, who is up for parole, to determine if the individual can be released back into the community and not pose a risk of recidivism. Also, the parole board enlists the records of the prisoner’s actions and behavior from the prison staff. Another source that is used in the determination of release prison’s psychologist. Once all of the information is gathered the parole board determines if the prisoner is fit to return to the community without putting the public’s safety in jeopardy. When a prisoner is eligible for parole the Board of Parole may use two methods of review. A method of review that the parole board may use is an oral hearing. An oral hearing is face to face contact with witnesses and the prisoners and takes place at the prisoners holding quarters. Another method of review that the parole board may use is a paper panel hearing.
Parole boards rely on forensic psychologists to assess any risk of harm that the prisoner may pose to the community upon potential release. By using theoretical knowledge of risk, forensic psychologists make future predictions of offending behavior for the prisoner in order to make a recommendation to the parole board for the individual to be released or for more treatment. Underestimating the risk that a prisoner may pose can put the public in an unsafe situation. However, overestimating the risk that a prisoner may pose can cause unnecessary imprisonment and unnecessary tax dollars being used to house the prisoner. This essay is intended to identify and describe the purpose and the role of Mr. Smith’s psychological evaluation and risk assessment.
The purpose of the report is to provide the Board of Parole with an opinion whether Mr. Smith is fit to be paroled and if he is a risk for recidivism. The report was necessary and drafted to determine if Mr. Smith would be able to maintain a normal life if he was to be paroled after serving only four years of his six-year sentence on his second offense of robbery. Mr. Smith served a previous sentence of two-years for Armed robbery six years ago in 2001. However, the report did not state if Mr. Smith served the entire two-year sentence nor did it state if he was paroled or on probation for the first offense. The report needed to include if Mr. Smith was paroled or on probation for his first offense of Armed robbery. Per report, Mr. Smith did need an interpreter although English is not his native tongue. He was informed that the interview was not going to be confidential and that any information that he discloses can and will be used within the written report.
According to the Special Guidelines of Forensic psychology (2013), properties, liberties, and substantial rights are at risk due...


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