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Mom Vs, Mom : Work Or Stay Home

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My final topic I want to do on my research plan is working mothers; I chose this topic because I myself am a working mother. I would like to learn what differences are there in children who are raised by stay-at-home mom and working mothers? The aspect of my topic I plan to focus on is what affect it has on the children and the mother's even ...view middle of the document...

I would really like to learn what society outlook really is on mothers that are at home or at work. The purpose of research writing is take a stand, inform the reader, document evidence, pursue answers on the topic you choice. The process I will follow is finding sources, selecting a path of inquiry, browsing the library and internet for information. Coming up with a thesis statement that presents facts. A research paper should expresses the focus of the paper and skew the paper in contrary direction. I plan to have my research plan/paper to haveskews the paper in contrary directions.expresses the focus of the indirect.writing a research paper.browsing the library.The topic you have chosen for your final projectWhat you hope to learn from your researchWhat aspect of your topic you plan to focus on in your research and writingThe purpose of research writing and the process you will follow

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