Monologue About A Person That Lost His Job Year 12 Monologue

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Directors note:
Character pale, about 5 foot 5, wearing long-sleeve blue t-shirt, cheap tie, black belt and dirty black shoes, black glasses, receding hairline, with grey streaks and tired red small eyes.
[In the CS, there is a tool booth and inside is it is the protagonist. A bright light shone on him. He’s standing, while leaning on a chair, gripping the chair tightly, which is inside a small confined tool booth.]
[Staring into his phone, sound of a car engine. Turns his head and groans heavily. Cardboard cut-out of a car door carried by stage crew dressed in black with smoke coming out from the CSL. Smiles lazily.]
[In a croaky voice.] Howdy mate, how you doin’. You havin’ a good day? Yeah, just need your parking ticket, if that’s all right. [Snatches it from driver’s hand.]
Yeah, she looks good, and by the way, that is a beautiful watch you got there. [Face shrivelled and raised eyes. Hurriedly hits a button. Screeching echoed shortly after the cars drives by.]
[Protagonist mumbles with arms crossed and head vigorously moving.] How is it that he has a Rolex and I don’t even have a watch that’s worth 50 bucks. I hate rich people and their attitude [states grumpily.]
[Sighs heavily. Goes back on his phone. Lighting changes to a red tint.]
Man, I hate my fu**ing job! All I do is sit in this s**t hole and wait some for some rich guy to come show of his money. I fu**ing hate it here, this is the worst job in the world! Arrrrrgh! [Face scrunches up and fist closes, and slams them fist on the table.]
[Breaths heavily. A pale blue light appears.]
Dropping out of school was the dumbest thing I ever did. It ruined my life. Only if I knew better. [Drops head, slowly shaking it]. I was one of the so called cool kids, I was very popular in my school. Everyone called my J-Dog and Johnny, I was everyone mates. Everyone knew me, but all for the wrong reasons. [Hands cover his face.] If only I studied a bit more, respected my teachers a bit more, and have hung out with the right people a bit more, those who didn’t make me do dumb stuff, then I wouldn’t be in this situation. [Slowly shakes head]. Instead I acted around like a monkey, talking back to teachers, skipping classes and not doing any work at school.
I should have never hung around of that dickhead Jeff, he was always a pain in the ass, and he was the one that forced me to take my first cigarette. And also the teachers at the school didn’t give a crap what the students did, they only cared about saving their ass. [Eyes and mouth wide open]. W...


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