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I’ll playing Audrey O’Neill, is Ed Kennedy’s best friend and love interest in ‘The Messenger’. She is a few months older than Ed, making her just over 19 years old. When Ed first describes her to us, he says: “She has yellow hair, wiry legs, the most beautiful crooked smile in the world, and lovely hips, and she watches a lot of movies. She also works as a cabdriver.” Ed Kennedy, a nineteen boy, an underage cabdriver. He is typical of many of the young men you see in this suburban outpost of the city— not a whole lot of prospects or possibility. Pretty interesting, right? We probably could have done without some of that info, but hey, it's okay. And isn't that the point? Audrey and Ed have a close relationship, but actually only Ed has a feeling with Audrey. Meanwhile at the later on the novel, after Ed came to her house, he calls her, Audrey deciding to whether or not she loves Ed. Audrey's monologue made the audience feel sympathetic, as she struggled with her own feelings for her close friend.
1. Reaction to the extraodinary or extreme moment/experience.
Mmmm-mmm. I cannot understand my emotion now, I mean... just very chaotic (fetch a sigh)! Ed called me, holded my hand and brought me out onto the path. Music hit low, we danced to light music, we immersed in each other's emotions, it’s the music of hearts again!
Well... no! I think just... just me, the only person who is drowned in messy emotion now. What happened to myself now?
2. Review – Reflecting on all of the events that have led up to this moment.
Uhmm, well... maybe. (whispered). Maybe, Ed also has the same sensation with me. And (pause) having a feeling for one another is natural, yeah... definitely natural. (Saying in a strong way to assert and using hand gestures)
Suddenly enraged
How dis this matter come to me? Could I resolve it? (pause). I’m not sure do I love him or not at this moment and I think I need some times, some certain times to think about it. When I think about the relationship between me and Ed, my mind started to be disordered. I can not identify my feelings for Ed. (close eyes when say that)
I’m really... utterly confused at this time! I mean, Ed, he’s never been like this, even though I've seen him a few times in the past, really have a feeling for me. Who knows? God knows! (disheveled mood).
I have always remembered the moment yesterday I (smiling, down the face and slowly lift up face). He walked closer and holded my hand tightly,...

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