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Moon Exploration, The Apollo Program Essay

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The U. S. has explored the moon since the 1960,s. 'TheApollo Program' tells why the United States went to themoon. 'The Apollo Spacecraft' tells ho we got to themoon. 'The First Lunar Landing' tells about the firstvoyage to the moon. This paper will discus the lunarlanding.The Apollo progam was made to meet the goal set byJohn F. Kennedy on May 25, 1961. The goal was toland a man on the moon and return him to Earth aliveand well.The program was a succes. There were 11 mannedlunar landings and other test flights totaling 15 mannedflights. Out of all these there was only one majorproblem, and no one was injured. There was threedeathes on the lanchpad but none in space.The Apollo Spacecraft was developed from the work oftwo other programs, the Mercury and ...view middle of the document...

of thrust.The reaction control system , oxygen, fuel cells,hydrogen tanks, and envirnmental control systems. Themain engine was only used for changes in course andchanges in orbit and escape from the lunor orbit.When the crew came back for reentry the CSM wouldsplit. The Command Module had heat sheilding so itwould not burn-up. When the CM first came intoreentry it was stabilized by its own engines. Thesecond part was done by three parachutes and adrogue.The First Lunar Landing took place on July 16,1969, itwas named Apollo 11. It made the first landing on themoon on July 20, 1969. Lt. Michael Collins stayed inthe CM and orbited the moon while, Neil Armstrong andCol. Edwin Aldrin Jr. landed down on the moon. Thelanding took place in Mare Tranquillitatis (the Sea ofTranquility) 'at 4:17:42 PMEastern Daylight Time with this report:'Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle haslanded.'' Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk onthe moon. 'Dropping the last meter from the ladder hesaid: 'That,s one small step for {a} man, one giantleap for mankind' (NASA later reported that the word'a' had been lost in transmission).' When on the moonArmstrong and Aldren stup an American flag and leftscientific instruments, including a laser beam reflector,a sheet of aluminum foil to to trap SOLAR WINDparticles, and a seismometer that later transmittedevidence of a moonquake. The astronauts took soiland rock samples and photographs.At 12:56 AM Eastern Daylight Time on July 22, 1969the land craft called the LEM, or Lunar ExcursionModule, left the surface and orbit of the moon. Theylanded in the Pacific Ocean on July 24, 1969.Works Cited'The Apollo Program' Grolier Encyclopedia Inc. 1994'The Apollo Spacecraft' Grolier Encyclopedia Inc. 1994'The First Lunor Landing' Grolier Encyclopedia Inc.1994

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