Moral Purpose And Cultural Significance In Fables, Fairytales, Myths And Legends. Eng/295 Essay

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Moral Purpose and Cultural Significance in Fables, Fairytales, Myths and Legends.
Ambrosia J. Rappley
May 21st, 2018.
Dina Sowers
Moral Purpose and Cultural Significance in Fables, Fairytales, Myths and Legends
Fairytales, fables, myths and legends have been around for centuries. Conveniently used for entertainment aspirations, these stories often contain a moral purpose. Such as teaching characteristic traits to children and the encouragement of certain behaviors. Geared mainly towards younger generations, these morals enticed readers; offering a sense of reality and valuable injunctions.
Fables and Fairytales
“Beauty and The Beast,” by Jeanne-Marie Le Price de Beaumont offers a significant moral in looking beyond only what the eyes can see. In this version of the story Belle’s family initially started out as wealthy individuals. Her sisters were extremely impertinent and showed discourteous manors towards individuals who weren’t as fortunate as their own family. Unfortunately, losing their fortune lead to their father stealing from the castle of the Beast. Caught by the Beast, the father’s life was spared in return for one of his daughters. When the news had been disclosed, Belle had agreed to take the place of her father. Though fearful of the Beast, she contently keeps her word. During the time in the palace, she was numerously asked for her hand in marriage by the frightful Beast, in which she declines, excessively. Wanting to grant her happiness, the Beast allows Belle to return home to her father for a brief time. Upon Belle’s return, she found the Beast in the canal within’ the garden. Discovering his heart slowly beating, she fetched water from the canal and poured it upon his head. Confessing her love to the Beast had broken the curse and before her stood a handsome price. For this she was rewarded, “you have preferred virtue before either wit or beauty and deserve to find a person in whom all these qualifications are united: you are going to be a great Queen” (Leprince de Beaumont, 1740,). Though the Beast had looked intimidating and fearful, once Belle had taken the time to get to know him, it was clear that his rough exterior was just a facade. The Beast had truly been kind and gentle, leading Belle to fall in love with what was beyond his appearance
“The Fox without a Tail,” an animal fable by Aesop's Fables is another prominent narrative, teaching the moral purpose that misery loves company; it’s paramount to avoid those with self-interest. A fox had caught his beautiful tail in a trap, among the struggle to release it he’d lost all it accept the stump. Embarrassed by the non-existence of his beautiful tail he’d hid away due to his misfortune. Overcome by his loneliness, he’d taken a bold stance, putting on a brace face; he’d summoned all the foxes for a general meeting to consider a proposition. The fox had stated how inconvenient a tail was to their kind, concluding it caused danger among their enemies and had...

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