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Morality The Pre Existing Doctrine Essay

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Morality; The Pre-existing and Universal CodeMorality: A doctrine or system of moral conduct; particular moral principles orrule of conduct.To say that modern morality consists in accepting the standard of one's age is tosuggest that human morality changes with the passing of time. This statement is justunacceptable. Morality is not something of a fad. It should not go through trends likeclothes or popular music, morality is the foundation in which our society is embedded in,a foundation from which human values and standards derive from. If we are to agree thatthese values and standards are flexible within the boundaries of time, and that they containwithin them no ground rooted substructure ...view middle of the document...

"The fact that the Greeks or the inhabitants of New Guinea think somethingright does not make it right, even for them. Nor does the fact that we think the samethings wrong make them wrong. They are in themselves either right or wrong.What we have to do is discover what they are."1The clashes in cultures between difference of morality does not mean that moralsare relative, all that it means is that unidentified cultures and their beliefs remain ignorantto the truth. However at the same time we recognize this, we must be careful not tocommit to our own moral code as the just one. The only truth that we can be certain of isthat there is one universal and moral code, and although we may not have found it, wemust trust that it is amongst us and that through our experience and continual growingknowledge, that we will come to it. This is not even to say that there is one culture withinsociety today that defines the true moral code, for what we know no culture contains this.However as time passes we build upon our knowledge of truth in search for other truthsthat strengthen and further establish our already growing understanding of what is rightand wrong and by doing this we can discover certain values and beliefs from cultures thatare indeed just and right.Of course by suggesting that there is the one universal moral code, one would haveto defend this by also implying that there is a superior power that imposes this codeamongst us. To take the position of ethical absolutism would be quite difficult to achievewithout the reference of God."There would be no point, for the naive believer in the faith, in the philosopher'squestions regarding the foundations of morality and the basis of moral obligation...For the true believer the author of the moral law is God. What pleases God, what Godcommands- that is the definition of right."2Our civilization today is deeply rooted in Christianity. The belief in God is verypopular within our society. As much as we may try to escape Christianity, it still remainswith us, "The moral ideas even of those who most violently reject the dogmas ofChristianity with their intellects are still Christian ideas."3 To believe or to accept the ideaof one moral code, one must believe that there is a God or a group of elite God's whoimposed this code upon us. So there is, for most Christians, one single God, that rulesover the entire universe, and his wishes are inked in the bible. Unfortunately, God'swishes are consistent around the globe, and time and age is of no significance. If somecultural group lives in disbelief of God then they simply live in ignorance of him, and it isto their consequence that they are deprived. However then, since it is quite evident thatpopular modern civilization believes in God, it is therefore reasonable to assume that withthis belief we accept God as the one superior ruler of the universe, like any...

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