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1.Q:- What is the difference between Motivation & Job Satisfaction?Ans:-MOTIVATION:-It is the process that concerns the factors, but influences the direction, intensity, and persistence of behavior.Expanding effort for an organization's and satisfying individual needs.The three key elements in Motivation are, Intensity, Direction, and Persistence.Intensity is concern with how hard a person tries. This is the element basically focused on how we talk about Motivation. High intensity is unlikely lead to favorable job performance outcomes unless the effort is channeled in a direction, that will benefit the organization. Therefore we have to consider the quality of effort as well as ...view middle of the document...

The belief that satisfied employees are more productive than the dissatisfied employees. The advanced society concerned not only with the quality of life that is concerns such as higher productivity, but also with its quality. Those researcher with strong humanistic value argue that suits faction is a legitimate objective of an organization. So, organizations have a responsibility to provide employees with jobs that are challenging and rewarding.Therefore Motivation is the key that control Job Satisfaction of the employees is highly motivated in their jobs they may actively on an organization.2.Q:- Why should managers be more concerned with motivation than job satisfaction?Ans:-Managers are the persons who can motivate employees in an organization and satisfied them. They should aware what the employees want, how to make them more productive and how to make job satisfaction. So, it is the job of manager to motivate employee and make them happy in what they are doing.Therefore managers should know the various factors of high level of employees job satisfaction. Some factors are described-Mentally challenging works:- People prefer jobs that give opportunities to use their skills and abilities and after variety of tasks freedom and feedback on how well they are doing. These characteristics make work mentally challenging.Equitable rewards:- Employees want pay system and promotion policies that they perceive as being just unambitious and in life with their espections. When pay is seem as fair based on job demands, individual skill levels, and commonly pay standards satisfaction is likely to result. Similarly employees seek fair promotion policies and practices. Promotion provide opportunities of personal growth, more responsibilities, and increased in social status. Individual who perceive that promotion decisions are made in a fair just manner therefore are likely to experience satisfaction for job.Supportive work conditions:- Employees are concern with the work environment for both personal comfort and facilitation doing a good job. In addition, most employees prefer work relatively close home in clean and relatively modern facilities and with adequate tools and equipments.Supportive colleagues:- For most employees work also fills the need for social interaction, therefore having friendly and supportive co-workers leads to increase job satisfaction.All these factors are highly controlled by the manager, that influence employees job satisfaction. So, it's the manager, who also motivate employees in organization. He should faces more and more on motivation than job satisfaction.Since as long as the employees are motivated than the employees are satisfied with their job. The managers should extract and identify the employee's needs, what's important to each employee. This will allow managers to individual's goal.3. Q:- Have you ever been responsible for motivating anybody else?Ans:-We know that motivation is a process that account for an individua...


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2294 words - 10 pages to the customers is becoming easier and easier, some of the key changes from traditional are: · Experience based marketing is taking off as with start of technology it is very easy to reach customers to communicate the value preposition, hence firms are trying get an edge through creating better experience · Segmentation up to the individual level, as technology allows us to connect to the customers individually. · Marketing now includes the two

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1813 words - 8 pages battle with good and bad as the character of Mrs. Coulter. Another character in which Pullman used as a variation of Eve was Dr Mary Malone. She is a depiction of all things good within Eve. Mary Malone was once a nun but was forced to renounced her faith at some point in order to continue to study “dark matter,” in the field of modern physics (HDM 399). Pullman writes about how Mary travels into the world of the mulefa, which has many

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960 words - 4 pages ever imagined. Most readers would not expect Pi to start eating meat but savagery for survival is most important than religion. Pi acknowledges but he dreads to survive and is all that he cares about aside his family and religion. Although Pi does not make much physical contact with the tiger he finally gets to touch him later on in the story. Pi is with Richard Parker for so long that they established an emotional connection. Richard Parker

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475 words - 2 pages Hays Holder ENG 113-30 T. Craddock Essay 1 “If there is no struggle, there is no progress” this inspirational quote by Frederick Douglass has continued to inspire individuals for years. People will naturally tend to doubt their capabilities and give up on their goals; rather than to carry on attempting to achieve them. Continuing to pursue goals, no matter the struggle, cannot be achieved until you conquer the struggle. A goal that is attainable

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2608 words - 11 pages Free Untitled Jeremy Q. Brooks Monday June 7, 2010 A.P. Psychology Period 5 Motivation Moving us to take action Motivation can be defined as the driving force behind all the actions of an individual. The influence of an individual's needs and desires both have a strong impact on the direction of their behavior. Motivation is based on your emotions and achievement-related goals. There are different forms of motivation

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1598 words - 7 pages ) Pg./Col[endnoteRef:1] [1: Indicate the page and, where applicable, column in the article where you found the answer to the question or the ideas that support your opinion (e.g. p. 3/c. 2)] 1. Why[endnoteRef:2] did the authors conduct this study? [2: The motivation of the study – not the research question itself, but the reason why the researchers want to find the answer to the research question. ] The authors conducted a study that examined

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585 words - 3 pages concepts that are directly related to student motivation. Ormrod chapter 8 discusses motivation for adolescence in a peer setting but does not discuss tutors. While I’m sure we will discuss mentors and other ways to increase student motivation outside of peer settings, it is interesting to consider if these students who benefit most from being tutored by mentors struggle or thrive in a peer setting that typically increases adolescent motivation. There

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643 words - 3 pages The play by Sophocles called Oedipus the King is an interesting one. It brings to the surface of every reader's minds some questions. Some to do with the history of Greek times, as well as some to do with basic Human behavior. Simply talking about them and looking at them deeply can answer some. While others have to be left unanswered and left in the worlds to come.An interesting question that came to my mind while reading this novel was the

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2682 words - 11 pages motivation is a determining factor in grades that a student has received for themselves. I hope to discover important facts about motivation for students and the affect of teacher and student relationships. How do teacher’s attitudes and voice tones affect the student’s motivation? Is there certain things we can do in order to raise a student’s motivation in class? Does motivation really affect a student’s grades? Topic Exploration Statement In

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3898 words - 16 pages scissors for cutting out with inadequate staff supervision)  To identify actions to take so that accidents and harm is avoided  To guard against potential risks  To ensure there are procedures for all staff to follow Note for examiners: Some candidates will answer this question by giving an examples; this is acceptable. Examiners must look for the above content within the candidate’s response. 7 This is a levels of response question – marks are

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543 words - 3 pages Much of what we don't understand about being human is simply in our heads. The brain is a befuddling organ, as are the very questions of life and death, consciousness, sleep, and much more. People have always wondered what is deep inside our mind. How does our mind work? We always chase to answer this question. However, we still put this as an unsolved questions, a big question mark, this is something far beyond on people knowledge and it might

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600 words - 3 pages your question related to any other themes of the text? Can these help answer the question? Check your response against the following questions: 1. Did I format my response in MLA format? 2. Did I include the author's name and chapter/book titles in the first few sentences and provide 1-2 sentences of background about the chapter? 3. Did I focus my response on 1-3 sentences that are directly quoted from the chapter? 4. Is my response developed -- 1-2 pages long? 5. Does my response include my opinion, personal experience, or connections outside the book? 6. Did I paraphrase using my own words and sentence structure? 7. Did I include a Works Cited entry?