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Motivation And About Some Related Question Answer

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1.Q:- What is the difference between Motivation & Job Satisfaction?Ans:-MOTIVATION:-It is the process that concerns the factors, but influences the direction, intensity, and persistence of behavior.Expanding effort for an organization's and satisfying individual needs.The three key elements in Motivation are, Intensity, Direction, and Persistence.Intensity is concern with how hard a person tries. This is the element basically focused on how we talk about Motivation. High intensity is unlikely lead to favorable job performance outcomes unless the effort is channeled in a direction, that will benefit the organization. Therefore we have to consider the quality of effort as well as its ...view middle of the document...

The belief that satisfied employees are more productive than the dissatisfied employees. The advanced society concerned not only with the quality of life that is concerns such as higher productivity, but also with its quality. Those researcher with strong humanistic value argue that suits faction is a legitimate objective of an organization. So, organizations have a responsibility to provide employees with jobs that are challenging and rewarding.Therefore Motivation is the key that control Job Satisfaction of the employees is highly motivated in their jobs they may actively on an organization.2.Q:- Why should managers be more concerned with motivation than job satisfaction?Ans:-Managers are the persons who can motivate employees in an organization and satisfied them. They should aware what the employees want, how to make them more productive and how to make job satisfaction. So, it is the job of manager to motivate employee and make them happy in what they are doing.Therefore managers should know the various factors of high level of employees job satisfaction. Some factors are described-Mentally challenging works:- People prefer jobs that give opportunities to use their skills and abilities and after variety of tasks freedom and feedback on how well they are doing. These characteristics make work mentally challenging.Equitable rewards:- Employees want pay system and promotion policies that they perceive as being just unambitious and in life with their espections. When pay is seem as fair based on job demands, individual skill levels, and commonly pay standards satisfaction is likely to result. Similarly employees seek fair promotion policies and practices. Promotion provide opportunities of personal growth, more responsibilities, and increased in social status. Individual who perceive that promotion decisions are made in a fair just manner therefore are likely to experience satisfaction for job.Supportive work conditions:- Employees are concern with the work environment for both personal comfort and facilitation doing a good job. In addition, most employees prefer work relatively close home in clean and relatively modern facilities and with adequate tools and equipments.Supportive colleagues:- For most employees work also fills the need for social interaction, therefore having friendly and supportive co-workers leads to increase job satisfaction.All these factors are highly controlled by the manager, that influence employees job satisfaction. So, it's the manager, who also motivate employees in organization. He should faces more and more on motivation than job satisfaction.Since as long as the employees are motivated than the employees are satisfied with their job. The managers should extract and identify the employee's needs, what's important to each employee. This will allow managers to individual's goal.3. Q:- Have you ever been responsible for motivating anybody else?Ans:-We know that motivation is a process that account for an individual's...

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