Mr. Holland's Opus By Alexes Reynolds Interpersonal Communcation Essay

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Mr. Holland’s Opus
Alexes Reynolds
Pueblo Community College
In the Movie Mr holland’s opus while watching it I was impacted by overlooking how two parents do things differently with differently their child who suffers from 90% hearing loss. As being the first time seeing the movie, I really enojyed the rolls and meaningful stories the movie its self told. When seeing it the first time my attention engaged to the story line of having a deaf child and how it was a eye opening for the parents. Even though I paid a lot of attention to the drama of Mr. Holland’s life many more aspects were also attractive. Through out the whole movie I thought the importantices of severe hearing loss at a young age was special to me. When Mr. Holland put headphones on his pregnant wife’s belly, it was ovbvious that he wants his unborn child to have as much music appreciation for music as he does.
When seeing Mr. Holland’s character struggle to grow uopthe reasoning that his son won’t ever be able to appreciate music in the same way as him. Before Cole(his son) was diagnosed with 90% hearing loss it shows Mr. Holland playing the piano and having fun with his son was all that he ever wand to do. As the movie proceeds Cole is diagnosed with the hearing loss, Mr. Holland realizes that he will never be able to share his passion for music with is son. Mr. Holland begins to stay from his family and himself from his son by focusing more on work, and music. Making very little time to learn sign language or focus on his son.
A significant scene in the movie to me is when we see Mr. Holland’s reaction to his son pretending to be directing the band, and doesn’t realize that the music is over. Mr. Holland is so saddened by the fact that his son couldn’t hear when the mu...


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