Municipal Report (City Council Meeting) History Municipal Report

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Javier Pulido
Professor Sanchez
4 October 2018
Municipal Report
A. Description of elected officials, city, or county representatives and audience
Elected Kern County Board of Supervisors:
District 1 Supervisor: Mike Gleason, Sex: Male Ethnicity: White Age: Unknown (estimated late 40’s) Brief description: Elected November 8, 2012, took office January 7, 2013. Military Background. Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Notre Dame.
District 2 Supervisor: Zack Scrivner, Sex: Male Ethnicity: White Age: Unknown (estimated late 30’s) Brief description: Elected in 2010. Previous served Bakersfield City Council for 6 years. Has been a Field Representative for Republican Leader, now Majority Leader in the House of Representatives, Kevin Mcarthy.
District 3 Supervisor: Mike Maggard (Chairman of the Board) Sex: Male Ethnicity: White Age: Unknown (estimated late 30’s) Brief Description: Elected in June 2006. Founder of accounting company Maggard & company, CPAS.
District 4 Supervisor: David Couch Sex: (Male) Ethnicity: White Age: Unknown (estimated late 40’s) Brief description: Top priority: Public Safety. Elected January 7, 2013.
District 5 Supervisor: Leticia Perez Sex: (Female0 Ethnicity: Latina Age: Unknown (estimated mid-30’s) Brief Description: Consultant for the State Senate Committee on Economic Development, and State Permitting process. Currently is making history as the First Latina President of the California State Association of Counties (CSAC). Her work has been reported on Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and has been featured on the daily show with John Stewart.
Audience: 2 Public Members: Ben Foster, Elaine Freeman, Advocates pf Kern County Casa, Guest Todd Suntrapak (CEO of children valleys healthcare), King Keller ( Chief Officer of Memorial Hospital), Michelle Oxford (President, CEO of Bakersfield heart hospital), Fred Hawkins ( Director of Mercy hospital), Emily Dunham ( Director of Delano Regional hospital), Steve Chen (Haven’s Health Bakersfield), Larry Mox (Hall Ambulance Service), Russel Judd (CEO Kern Medical)
B. Rundown of Procedures
1. Roll call 2. State items up for consent, and questions 3. Cast Vote to agree consent items to be discussed 4. Motion is Approved. 5. Recuse, with given reason why. (If there is one) 6. Topic from agenda 7. Discussion/Presentation 8. Debate 9. Public comments/questions 10. Proclamation/Resolution.
C. Public board meeting to consider a serious adoption of new ordinance related to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) designation, and transportation with an impact of an estimated $517,428 in revenue fees. Main idea at question is funding, and where that funding is allocated. That which goes into EMS is in accordance to satisfy qualified hospitalization space, expertise, and accreditation...


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