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Artur Dzieszuta
Contemporary Music
The contemporary piece that I will be analyzing is Keep Ya Head Up by Tupac. After
carefully listening to the piece many times, I was able to pinpoint many different musical
elements in the song. The first music element that caught my attention was the tempo of the
song. At the very beginning it seems as if the tempo is going to be fast and each note is going to
be separated from one another very sharply, but after the first 10 seconds you see the transition to
a very slow tempo song for the rest of the piece. This change creates a different beat which
establishes the more serious mood for the rest of the song. The meter of the song goes by 2 with
the beat being consistent throughout the whole song. The Rhythm is pretty steady and no
sections of the song really stands out since it is constant throughout the song. Tupac incorporates
musical instruments like the keyboard, flute, guitar and percussion that make the rhythm catchy.
The form of this piece is very simple. It starts of with a quick introduction and goes
straight to verse 1, after the first verse we here the chorus/hook. After the chorus, Tupac
continues on with verse 2, then back to the chorus. After hearing the chorus for the 2nd time,
Tupac continues on to sing his 3rd and final verse in the piece. After looking at the form of the
piece, I next looked at the dynamics of this songs. The dynamics of this song is also very similar
throughout the whole piece, where the sound is very soft in the verses and the chorus.The
softness in ...


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