Music Response No5 For Dr.munoz's Class - Green River College/music Appreciation Class - Listening Response

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Listening Response Form
Music Appreciation
Use of this form is required
Assignment Instructions:
1. Familiarize yourself with the audio by listening to it numerous times
2. Research the composer using the course text and other sources
3. Complete this form
4. Use complete sentences
5. Make sure to save your responses
Before uploading the form on Canvas, make an overview of the assignment to make sure that all sections are answered completed.
Your Name: Adilkhan Dayardiyev
Course: Music Appreciation
(1 point) Composer Information (Full name/dates/music period)
Aaron Copland/ 14 November, 1900 – 2 December, 1990/20th century music
(1 point) Composition information (dates/instrumentation/ Length)
Was composed in 1942 and released July 6, 1972/ full orchestra instrumentation with xylophone, celeste, timpani, bass drum, horns and trombones/ The length is 3:47
(3 points) Musical Elements (Use full sentences)
Describe the musical elements of the piece. Make sure to include all of the following: genre/style, tempo/meter, texture.
This composition is American kind of Classical music.There are 3 main sections after the introduction, so the form is ABA which is Ternary form. The texture is homophonic and the meter is duple time.
(5 points) Composer Biographical information
In a minimum of 100 words, include a brief biography of this composer along with information on their historical importance and musical contributions.
Aaron Copland is an American classical composer. He was born in New York, Brooklyn, on 14th of November, 1900. His parents were Jewish people from Russia. After graduating from high school, he studied harmony, polyphony and composition from R. Goldmark in New York, and then took composition lessons from Nadi Boulanger in Paris for three years. In France, Copland plunged into the atmosphere of post-war Europe....

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