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Lauren HolteDr. Tyrie SmithEnglish 110217 June, 2014Haim - Days Are Gone ReviewDays Are Gone sends you on a journey about 30 years back on a hot sunny day drinking a cool cup of ice-tea sitting on your momma's porch. From the ripping synth bass, to the heavy Tarzan drums, to the effortless rhythms is what makes this album a top billboard 100 in the 80's, and of course 2013. No, Haim isn't the first to have this sound, but it works naturally and its smooth pop rock embraces its older influences very well.In the title song, "Days Are Gone" the listener can't help but to feel as if they've just walked into a mist of super hold hairspray, and live in a time where bright eye ...view middle of the document...

The fact that these musicians are all sisters really came to play when you hear all the beautiful harmonizing these girls can do. Like for example, in "Better Off" which is more indie-rock, you can hear not only the harmonizing but also the breathy tones of their vocals. "Falling" is an electric and eccentric upbeat song that is quick to capture the audience as well, especially with the Phil Collins-esque lightning drums that echoes off each other and pulsating beats. From the drums pounding and Phil Collins belching "I CAN FEEL IT, COMING IN THE AIR TONIGHT" is such a reminder of how powerful, simple and catchy a verse can be, and how "don't stop, no ones ever enough… " is at its same momentum."My Song 5" and "Let Me Go" are more of the darker songs, with a deep grunge feel but picks up toward the end with a different bass line that makes it two very memorable songs. The trio not only swoops the audience with their fun, lively music but in songs like "Go Slow" it contrasts a bit that surprise you pleasantly because of its pretty light and melodic sound. This effortless piece is so different from the rest, but it fits perfectly.In this album Haim's spiritual vocals, fun guitar riffs, and pulsing drums is what makes this album different, memorable, and most importantly great. Days are Gone is a very nostalgic album, and every song sounds like a potential hit, which is a very uncommon thing in a debut album. High-waisted pants, acid wash jeans, leather jackets with the spikes, and the gumby haircuts are coming back and I guess so is 80's pop music. Who would've known?

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