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8th Grade Memory
The memory that I will be talking about is my very first real girlfriend. Every girlfriend
before this one did not really count since the relationships were about 2 to 3 weeks long but this
one was different. It was a medium weathered September day and it was a the first day of school.
Everything was going was going pretty good throughout the day until I got to Mrs. Valdes’
math class, the atmosphere was different than what I had felt throughout the day. I walked into
class and I looked back at the girl who I didn’t notice who would soon become my very first real
girlfriend. She started off by saying, “Hey! It's been awhile since i've seen you.” I replied back
with , “Hey! How's it going.. I really like your outfit.” At the time I was a really shy kid but I
still asked her for her number so we could catch up for lost times. That day after school I came
home just thinking about what I was going to say or how do I even start out the text. If I started it
with a “ Heyyy” would she notice that I like her, usually the emphasis on the “y’s” showed you
actually liked the person. So I finally text her and she instantly texted me back with a “Heyyy” ,
it seemed like she really liked me. So we talked and talked just about random things and it felt
like the world stopped every time her name popped up on my phone. Days go by and texts start
to become more deeper and staying up late texting under the covers until one of us fall asleep
first. She expressed to me how she had an ex boyfriend who had been trying to reconnect again
and try to fix what they had but, she didn’t want to be with him. She talked about how he didn’t
treat her right or show her the attention she deserved. It really got me aggravated seeing that her

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