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My Ambition Essay

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"Every one of you should have an ambition in life. Once you have got one, build a strong base and work your way to that ambition," lectured Mrs. Johnson as she walked back and forth in the front of the room. I could hear a faint snore in the back of the room. Everyone was watching the clock tick towards the end of the period. She just went on and on about setting goals. I t was boring beyond reason. I have already heard all this junk in my past years of school. Even watching a fly sounded much more appealing.

        Finally after what felt like a century, the bell rang. I stampeded through the door way along with many other ...view middle of the document...

What am I talking about? I cannot make the team just because I want to. In the past I didn't make the team because I broke my wrist. Well I guess it doesn't hurt to try. I can play some games to improve my teamwork abilities and my defense. Maybe I can sign up for a couple of camps to improve my techniques and get some tips."

        I sprinted home so I could spill my ideas to my parents. They totally agreed with me. So I sat down with them and decided which camps I can sign up for. I wanted the Power Moves Camp at the Bulls Trading Academy. It would definitely improve my ball handling and help me go up strong to the basket. Then we signed me up for a camp at my new high school, Naperville North High School, so I could get to know the coach and know what he is looking for. He will also get to know me. I arranged to have a basketball game every other day with my friend to develop my defensive skills. The other days when I don't play with him I will play by myself. All these ideas and plans will help me reach my ambition of playing for my school's basketball team.

        Henry David Thoreau once wrote, "If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them." What he is saying is that if you have a dream or an ambition, you should pursue it. Now build a strong foundation under them so that the dreams do not collapse. Building a strong foundation represents creating a roadmap to follow in order to achieve your ambition or goal.

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