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My Early Years Of Education!! Essay

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Well, everyone has to start an education some time, and some peoples experiences are a little
harder and scarier than others. I am going to tell you the highlights of my first years of education
and hope that you have a few good laughs and an opportunity to look back an compare your
stories to mine.

        First of all, we all have to start off somewhere, and where is a better place to start than
with kindergarten. As we all know, the first day of kindergarten is that scariest day of a five year
olds life. My first day started off pretty well. I met my teacher Mrs. Gorillic. Besides her name,
everything was pretty normal about this teacher. We had reading time where we would all sit
around in a circle an listen to her read. After that we would play a game called “My Son John”.
It was a game where a person would take off a shoe and the teacher would give it to another
student to hold until the student ...view middle of the document...

One tradition that my school had was the Easter
egg toss. We used to package raw eggs the best we could so when the principal would throw
them off the cafeteria they wouldn’t break!! It was a really fun thing and we learned allot about
which packaging worked the best when handling eggs!! We also had a robot fair. All the
students had the opportunity to make a robot and compete in a “Coolest Looking Robot”
competition. Of coarse every one won but I think the whole thought of a competition made
everyone enter into the contest. It was so much fun!!

        Friends have been an important through out my entire life and I’m sure throughout
everyone else’s life also. I never really had problems making friends when I was young. I
remember I used to hang out with the same four people every day and we would always play
marbles on the rocky play ground. I also remember when my friends and I would have a
discussion about “Bloody Mary”, the scariest story that lingered around the play ground that
entire year. Of coarse, us being 5 year olds, believed anything the older kids said, and when they
said that there is an old lady that hides in the mirror and when you call her out she kills you, we
believed everything they said and couldn’t go to the bathroom in peace for the entire year!! But
the really amusing thing about that story is that when I became an “Older Kid” I found myself
telling little kids horrifying things that the older kids used to tell me!! I think that if my
kindergarten had been any better of an experience I would have never moved on!! I loved
cooking in class, playing with the frogs, and learning how to get along with other kids.

        I think that education is a very important thing and that teachers need to realize that if
they don’t give the younger children a good experience in school they aren’t going to want to go
to school anymore and end up dropping out. Teachers have a huge responsibility to the children
they teach and they need to understand that they can make or break the student. I am glad that I
had such a great kindergarten teacher. I think that if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be still going to
school and learning!!

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