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Englsih paper. By eva hansen
"Only fairytales remained the same." (Chapter 2 pg. 16) Set in 1953, Nazi filled Copenhagen, number the stars is written by Lois lowery and tells the story of the Johansson and Rosen family. More specifically their daughters Annemarie and Ellen, who are more than best friends but once the Nazis begin “relocating” other Jews. the Johannsen’s begin to worry for the Rosen’s as they are Jewish and then decide its best to hide, the parents flee to the unknown leaving their daughter in their care. In the story there were many times they were almost caught so instead of staying in the small town they all decide to head towards the sea, uncle Henricks house, and hide there. The trip was calm and peaceful, but they had no idea what awaited them. Towards the end of the book an event is played out to get more Jews, including Ellen across the sea to where they will be safe, it was a quiet thing that thankfully succeeded. Even though the story ends with the girls’ miles away from each other it gives them hope for the future.
On page 3, Annemarie and Ellen are stopped by a Nazis for the first time which will soon lead on too many more. When the girls tell their parents, they are shocked. They exclaim to never let them remember you, especially Ellen as if the Nazis had remembered her then all hopes would have been lost. They experience another German fight on page 43, Ellen is hiding with Annemarie’s family but then Germans rush through the door looking for Jews. Ellen is not blond like the Johannsen’s but thankfully they...

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