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Much of what we don't understand about being human is simply in our heads. The brain is a befuddling organ, as are the very questions of life and death, consciousness, sleep, and much more. People have always wondered what is deep inside our mind. How does our mind work? We always chase to answer this question. However, we still put this as an unsolved questions, a big question mark, this is something far beyond on people knowledge and it might take the humankind billion years to crack this mysteries.
Firstly, for scientist they explained that mind has a dozen different meanings. For a few, mind is simply memory, a specific brain function both humans and sea slugs can accomplish. However, for some specialist about this, they explained that mind is something boarder, most likely is a synonyms with consciousness, provides all the processes that string together stimulus, synthesis, and response. Furthermore, scientist specifically come up with something called the three Metafunctions of the mind which compacted with three different part which is: analyzing, synthesizing and imagining, and valuing. Analyzing is essentially thinking, closely related to logical step-by-step reasoning. Logic is has two main parts: deduction and induction. Synthesizing and imagining is defined as a process of putting or placing things together to make a whole. You can do it physically or mentally. As for valuing, it was being described as judging people, establishing success criteria, evaluating, appraising performance and so on. In all valuing there is an objective element and a subjective one. What ...


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1594 words - 7 pages Concept analysis Concept analysis Pain: A Concept Analysis Perdue University Northwest Pain is a very actual and universal topic. Even though it so actual it is still not understood by many. It is not just a feeling felt by someone who got hurt, but it is a medical condition as well. Now, this condition became so worrying that it is started to be seen as the fifth vital sign. In 1995, the American Pain Society (APS) set out guidelines

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2186 words - 9 pages Free God has sent to us back to Jesus Christ. When all you do is in the likelihood of God there is no wrong action. Through my family, my parents raised us to practice stewardship. For all of my siblings and I, it was a very normal teaching, my mom was very adamant about spreading God's teaching. My dad was a Lutheran at the time but supported my mom throughout her teaching. Through volunteering at the church and helping out I developed a very strong

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1533 words - 7 pages it comes to making a decision about their future education although, graduating from college is worth the time, money and most importantly the dedication. In the essay, “Is College Worth It? Clearly, New Data Say”, David Leonhardt debates the real value of college. He argues that attending and graduating from college is defiantly worth it. By supporting this claim, David states “Americans with a four-year degree made 98 percent more an hour on

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538 words - 3 pages extremely difficult for Cooper, he's also the one responsible for everything that happened to Marsh in the previous book. A few flashbacks to The Light are explored, and it's interesting to see how both Cooper's and Marsh's stories are intertwined without either one really recognizing it. Just when it appears as though the story from the first book is about to be repeated, a curve ball is thrown. Cooper meets someone in The Black he never thought he

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4787 words - 20 pages generally of the inability to differentiate between the green and the red or to perceive either red or green; infrequently, the confusion may involve the blues or the yellows. Dichromatism is the most common form of color blindness, affecting about 7 percent of men and less than 1 percent of women. Dichromatism is identified as a sex-linked hereditary characteristic. Color blindness also may occur as a temporary disease.The vision of most color-blind

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1047 words - 5 pages Free remembered me whatever they do. We knew about each other really well even the family staffs. We hanged out the whole year together. I was a passive and lazy girl who weak in school work and also my friends too. They were worse than me at the school work. My friends’ parents decided to change the school because there was some problem with my friends. Han Thar run away with her boyfriend and Yamin’s grades were so bad. But my parent decided to make me

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952 words - 4 pages Inca   Report  By Mekhi Blair  The Inca were a complex society of about 10 million people. Almost everything they made was complex and intricate. They build large building made of stone, large temples, and a complex government system. They however lacked many basic technologies such as wheels, writing or records, and iron. They did know how to make roads, so they had roads that would go all throughout the empire.They were commonly made of paved

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2781 words - 12 pages Assessment (Comparative Essay) Ontario Categories of Assessment K/U T C A Student Mark Possible Mark 15 15 15 15 IB Assessment Criteria Analyzing Organizing Producing Text Using Language Student Mark Possible Mark 8 8 8 8 Course Expectations Covered: B1, B2, B3, B4, C1, C2, C3, C4 SOI: An ideal theme of Gothic literature is how an individual’s point of view on revenge impacts their relationship with others. Task: Create a video essay in which

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2345 words - 10 pages would be that students are being educated before an incident occurs but a con is that even though schools may require these programs, some students may not take it seriously and won’t pay attention. Completely abolishing sexual assault in college is a very far reach, but these strategies can lead to a decrease in the occurrence. The most effective prevention programs are the ones that not only teach about consent but also teach bystanders how to

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1118 words - 5 pages love with it. My first couple trips were unsuccessful in regards of not seeing any game and I quickly grew impatient. Not only had I not seen anything I got cold easily and got bored very quickly looking at the same trees and rocks for hours upon hours. However, despite all my frustrations I kept coming back to it for some odd reason. When the season ended I could reflect on a couple positives I knew the land better and wasn’t lost as easily, I

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387 words - 2 pages Free to sleep.As of now I sit in man's world, the parking lot. In this case man has entered nature and industrialized it. If wanted, I could enter the world of nature again by walking a few hundred feet into the forest of trees that surround me, but this scene would not be as interesting without the buildings and pavement. Take away man's world, and this natural setting would not be as surreal as it is. I sit and revel in the beautiful scene nature and man created.

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1005 words - 5 pages that sucks super bad, oh wait. I am doing it right now am I, my bad Pettry. I did not want you to find out about how bad this ruins my day. In addition, I am finally done with this thing after just a few more words so I can work on another 1000 word essay that nobody in the world wants to do, hint hint.

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713 words - 3 pages personal level from the begin. The significance of the stories of visiting Fide's village and Guadalajara is to tell the audience the difference between seeing something through your own eyes and hearing single sided stories from different people. Adichie's mother had fixed an image inside her head, of Fide and his family being very poor. when she went there, she become shocked to see Fide's mother show her a beautifully patterned basket made of

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931 words - 4 pages worry me. "What do you mean sick? What does he have? Is he going to be ok?" I said to him, very anxious to know what was going on. He did not want to tell me what was wrong he just shrugged his shoulders and kept on driving in silence. When I got to my classroom, I could not concentrate at all because I was worried sick thinking about my father and if everything was going to be fine. I then get home and rush inside and see my mom sitting in the

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907 words - 4 pages Free children, just like the senior pastor has a unique way of getting his message across to the adults in his services.When I step into the adult building, I am greeted with a warm smile, handshake, and a handout about the service. As I walk to my seat, I take in the casualness of the people and things around me. Most of the people around me are wearing jeans and shirts, or khakis and button up shirts. The building itself does not have much for