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Much of what we don't understand about being human is simply in our heads. The brain is a befuddling organ, as are the very questions of life and death, consciousness, sleep, and much more. People have always wondered what is deep inside our mind. How does our mind work? We always chase to answer this question. However, we still put this as an unsolved questions, a big question mark, this is something far beyond on people knowledge and it might take the humankind billion years to crack this mysteries.
Firstly, for scientist they explained that mind has a dozen different meanings. For a few, mind is simply memory, a specific brain function both humans and sea slugs can accomplish. However, for some specialist about this, they explained that mind is something boarder, most likely is a synonyms with consciousness, provides all the processes that string together stimulus, synthesis, and response. Furthermore, scientist specifically come up with something called the three Metafunctions of the mind which compacted with three different part which is: analyzing, synthesizing and imagining, and valuing. Analyzing is essentially thinking, closely related to logical step-by-step reasoning. Logic is has two main parts: deduction and induction. Synthesizing and imagining is defined as a process of putting or placing things together to make a whole. You can do it physically or mentally. As for valuing, it was being described as judging people, establishing success criteria, evaluating, appraising performance and so on. In all valuing there is an objective element and a subjective one. What you...

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