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Reflective EssayUpon completion, I have learned a lot about myself as a TAFE student, from getting experience in teaching. I feel confident at this point that I am capable of successfully being able to help students out when they need it. I have acquired many useful skills, many of which came directly from the TAFE seminars. In working to develop my teaching abilities, I have learned much about how we can target all three different types of learners in a classroom. There are English Language Learners (ELL) students which are students who have difficulty speaking or understanding English. Special Education (SPED) which are students with spec ...view middle of the document...

Auditory being that the student learns best by hearing and kinesthetic being that that student learns best by hands on activities. You need to be able to target all of them! If they are young, you need to be able to grab their attention with an interesting focus. You cannot just go straight into the topic because the students will not be entertained and they will not have the desire to learn especially since their attention span is short. At first, I was uncomfortable speaking in front of even small groups. Now I am happy to speak in front of a large classroom. Since I am more comfortable in front of the classroom, I am better able to multitask while lecturing. I also learned how time-management is very important. While as teachers we are training students in content, I have come to understand that we are more importantly teaching skills, which require a delicate balance of time and attention. I have come to realize that I would not "get it all" in this short period of time. This has taught me to be more gracious and accepting of myself, and I believe it will have a positive impact on my teaching. Having wrestled through these challenging moments will help me be more supportive and accepting of the students when they struggle for understanding. Additionally, it has taught me that I will recurrently be learning and growing as an educator. I have learned the value of setting goals and objectives that will push me to continually raise the bar for my level of teaching and hopefully, to be setting an example for my students.


How my travel experience change my views on life - hostos community college english 111 - Essay on my travel experiences

561 words - 3 pages Juan Delacruz English 111 09/04/2018 How my travel experience change my views on life Ever since I could imagine, one of my biggest dreams was to be able to travel the world. I can say that I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to visit many beautiful places around the world such as a few countries in Europe, Central America, The Caribbean islands of Puerto Rico, Cuba & The Dominican Republic. I would like to discuss about the time

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529 words - 3 pages Keydin Centeno Mr. Jones English 1301 04/29/2019 My Experience this Semester as a Reader, Writer, and Thinker This semester was my first semester as a college student. When you start your first semester of college, you do not expect anything that you will learn. but being the first I have learned how to develop my skills as a writer, thinker, and reader. I know that writing essays are not my strong point, that's why it was very frustrating for

Literacy narrative pertaining to my personal experience with words and spelling - English 1010 - Essay

1386 words - 6 pages current sixth grader. To cheer myself up, I persuaded myself that getting second place in the spelling bee two years in a row equalled first place. From that bleak experience, I knew I would never forget how to spell the word “impenetrable.” Spelling was my favorite subject all through elementary school. I was good at spelling and I happened to love it. I don’t know why I loved it so much. It could be because it was an awarding feeling for me to

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623 words - 3 pages Trisha Sattler ENG 101-528 Professor Ross Descriptive Essay My First Experience with a Tornado It was in the wee morning hours on a chilly February night when I was awoken to frightening and startling sounds of tree limbs breaking and wind whipping. I think about just watching the weather reports that afternoon and thinking it was quite a different day than from any other in January, as a warm front was nearing. We were enthralled with the

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441 words - 2 pages from the mouth to the anus can be affected. Almost every day, I realize that I suffer from this disease. I can barely eat anything without getting sick. I am on multiple medicines multiple times a day to help with comfort, although it does not always help me. Some days are worse than others and sometimes I have major flare-ups where I end up in the hospital for a few days, which my last one was two days after Christmas – what a way to ruin the

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299 words - 2 pages my learning style and experiences. I realize that anger masks feelings of hurt and fear. The college factor was always on my mind. How would I ever be accepted to college? My learning issues are still always there. I got through years of math in Elementary, Junior high, and High school with lots of help. Although some of the fears have subsided, I still have a lasting memory of that fifth grade experience. If teachers only realized the power of their words, if only they would think about the impact of their statements before they spoke.

Immigrant Experience

1009 words - 5 pages Immigrant ExperienceHIS/125February 23, 2013 Running head: IMMIGRANT EXPERIENCE 1 IMMIGRANT EXPERIENCE 4 Immigrant ExperienceDuring the late 1800s my parents and I left Poland and moved to the United States thinking we would have a better life and I would receive a better education for my future. Farming has been our primary source of income for our family but we lost our land. The economic condition in Poland is rapidly declining which

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484 words - 2 pages Field Experience Reflection 2018 Spending the past few weeks in the Second Grade class has been the best weeks of my life. As for me, I am interested in teaching younger children between the Ages of K5-2ND grade versus older elementary students and this experience only confirmed that this is exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life. I absolutely loved spending a couple of hours each day with those students and watching them develop each

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416 words - 2 pages 1 Running head: FINAL ASSESSMENT Final-Assessment Shakira Tavarez Professor Gioridano NURS 460 “I pledge my honor that I have neither given nor received inappropriate aid on this assignment.” My experience during my clinical immersion at RWJ Rahway 3E Orthopedics I had an amazing experience overall. At first, I found it a little difficult adjusting to the routine of the unit as well as the hospital. Coming from prior work experiences at another

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1266 words - 6 pages , I was brought up in two different cities that are thousands of miles apart - - New York City and Houston. The two cities are ranked among the top ten in state / city population, yet there are structures and mainframes which we can soon identify or relate with. Although it's located in different regions, it was beneficial to experience and to taste the variety in culture, way of life, and the school system.I was raised in the central Manhattan of

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1061 words - 5 pages The Little Black Boy In Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience the poet "illuminate" us by exploring and contraposing two different perspectives of the world, which are the innocent, world of childhood, that the poet personifies with the young piper, and the adult world contaminated by reason and morals, that is incarnated by the bard. In this essay, I will attempt to explicate the poem The Little Black Boy from the Songs of Innocence. I have

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1293 words - 6 pages Running Head: Court Experience 1 Court Experience 5 My Court Experience Davonya Atwater Bowie State University October 27, 2016 My Court Experience On October 25, 2016 I choose to spend my morning at the Charles County Circuit Court. This was my very first time being in any court setting. When I first walked through the doors there were several sheriffs waiting to check your personal items, such as your purse, jackets and bags. Before entering

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1587 words - 7 pages too creamy, when two foods touch each other on the plate, or when I see the colors red and green at mealtime, my feelings flare. And there is often a matching set of strong feelings, feelings of comfort attached to the select foods that I tolerate. Quite frankly put, rather than being an interesting everyday experience, each food is emotionally charged, with positive and negative poles that are set off by colors, textures, smells and how it sits on

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838 words - 4 pages . Mankind was never made to slog day after day, chasing after that material object. Be it popularity or money. Experience is known to be the best teacher, the moment and feelings burnt into memory. I remember the day it taught me what life truly meant. The cold winds raged, sending a chill down my spine. I was on my way to the heart of one of New Zealand’s national wonders, the Milford Sound. The plan was simple, to experience the purest medium of

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1578 words - 7 pages , emotional and social” (p71, Wilkins). Indians religion culture cannot be stereotyped and generalized, however, there is many books about Indian American religion written by non-Indians and written without tribal permission. In my experience, I prove that media is the most important role in stereotype. I am from Mongolia which is located between China and Russia. I born and grow up in Mongolia. People usually don’t know about Mongolian, they only