My Fairytell Prom. Yes They Happen College Narrative Essay

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A Fairytale Prom
By Heather Arnold
You couldn’t convince me that fairytales happen to people in real life. Sure, I've read a thousand books where girls are swept away by some magical moment. Who hasn’t watched some corny movie where princess charming walks in and the whole world just stand still. Well my seventeen-year-old self never believed I would have a magical moment so defined that I would call it a fairytale.
The day of my junior prom was finally here. I had spent weeks getting things ready for this day, and I was dreading every moment of it. I had already been to prom twice by the time my junior year came. All the time and money that you waste for just a few hours of nothing magical Seemed so stupid to me. I wouldn’t have even wasted the time going again if my mom wouldn’t have brought home that stupid dress.
I hated the fact that even had to get out of bed that morning, but I did. For the moment my feet hit the floor I was busy rushing from one appoint to the next. The first one the list was nails and toes at LA Nails. The ladies buffed and shaped my natural nails. I went with a French manicure on both. My mom had the lady paint a small white daisy on my pinky and thumb nail. They looked amazing I couldn’t complain despite the headache the smell of the place gave me.
Next it off to Cat’s to have Michael do my hair. Michael was 27 at this point the only gay man I knew. I loved seeing Michael and listening to way he gossiped with the other hair dressers. Luckily for me, Michael loved me too. He had gone out of his way that morning to get little daisies to braid into my hair. He braided and curled my hair into the most beautiful master piece he said he had ever done. My mom had ranged for one of the ladies to help me with my make-up, since I normally didn’t wear the stuff. Just a touch of blush and some mascara is all I need. Michael said glowed like an angel. I walked out of Cat’s feeling the prettiest I had ever felt.
Now it was time to rush home to put on the dress. I had spent more time at Cat’s then I had planned so when I pulled in the driveway my date was already there. I couldn’t tell how annoyed I was with my date. His name was Eric, but everybody called him Worm. He was shorter then me and had flat face. He almost looked like he had been hit by a mac truck. He didn’t look half bad though all cleaned up in his tux. I told myself to try not to look annoyed when I told him to have a seat I would be ready in a few.
My mom helped me slip into the yellow dress and white sandl...


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