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My Friend, A Thief! Essay

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Thieves, how I hate them so much! Just yesterday I had been a thief's victim. He stole one of the most valuable things I've ever owned, a Rolex watch. I soon found it was my best friend who committed the crime. I thought of many solutions to resolve the theft of my expensive watch. Some solutions I kept in my brain are to threaten or negotiate with him about how bad stealing is, tell the higher authorities on him, and also I considered the fact that completely ignoring the situation would also help.
First is the option of threatening or talking to my best friend of how larceny is a very bad concept. This would be quite difficult because I would have to meet directly with him and have a "cheesy" little chat of how to be moral and ethical. I would be acting as though a parent telling the child what is right and what is wrong. By doing so he ...view middle of the document...

Thus the more brains working to solve the issue the better. Also higher authorities such as teachers and parents have more experience and power over the convict than me. They probably have dealt with issues such as this in their earlier years. I as a simple student do not have any right to deal with this issue all by myself, but they do. However this can cause a breakage of friendship between us. On the other hand it might end in him learning a good lesson even if our friendship breaks. If I tell my parents or teachers of the issue there is a good chance they might tell his parents and then he will get into a sticky situation resulting in a worthy lesson learned.

Last is the awkward but worthwhile solution of ignoring the issue. By ignoring him I will not only ease my thoughts of the missing Rolex into eventually forgetting about it but as well get him thinking of what he did is wrong. Hopefully he will think of his wrong doings and return the properties back to their rightful owners, including me. If he does not do what is right he will sooner or later get caught. When he gets caught he will be in a lot of trouble. Thus ignoring the situation will give him a good chance of being caught and learning from his mistakes.

Negotiating with him, reporting him to higher authorities, and ignoring the issue regarding the theft of my Rolex watch are all good solutions to consider. However most of these solutions have the possibility of breaking the ties of friendship between us. I think ignoring the issue will help the most because it not only keeps our friendship more intact but also will teach him a better lesson when he gets caught with the police phoning his house. Furthermore stealing is a bad practice. It is an unethical act that affects both the society and the stealer. Lots of kids, not only my friend, steal things believing they will not get caught. However they will and the day they get caught will be the day they will have etched in their minds until the end.

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