My Generations Role In Americas Future - Legacy Preparatory Academy English - Veterans Day Essay

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Why my vote matters
America’s future is envisioned as one occupied by technology, health advancements, potent
militarism and tactics. As global leaders discuss diplomacies and crises, who is bound to run the
country in its shining hour? Here, steps in the next generation, fulfilling the tasks that enable us
to work like a clock. This generation is learned, sage, and has an outlook for the preservation of
democracy and freedom. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the next generation of
Americans: my generation.
As we speak, thousands of youth are preparing themselves to serve their beloved country. The
students who embellish a zeal for science will soon discover new cures for troubling diseases.
The dedicated cadets of the Civil Air Patrol or the Naval Sea Cadets are excelling in the fields of
leadership, drill, and military studies so that they may one day be aboard one of the finest aircraft
The learned students of the debate and math club are awaiting their chance as mathematicians or
future lawyers. Those who do not fear the complexity of the human body will begin their
journeys as doctors and pediatricians. Even so, this is merely a fragment of what the youth of
America are continuing to do. Yet, are we prepared to distinguish ourselves as a generation?
We must first define a generation in our history. Our founding father’s generation fought through
bloodshed and tyranny for us to be here. It would be an honor to uphold what they have
established for us. The generation of World War II aided America in its mission of peace and
So, where does my generation come into play? My generation will bring a wave of new
technologies, dedicated morale, and technique. Youth today are taking the initiative to prepare
them ...

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