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My Golden Girl Write A Short Story Which Develops A Strong Character

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The four of us are sitting around Brandon’s tiny tiny apartment sharing a bottle of cheap wine and talking crap. Adam’s has just served his short jail sentence for drink driving again so we’re celebrating by having a few drinks, hopefully Adams not planning on driving home tonight. He doesn’t look much different. His greasy brown hair is now long enough to put back in a pony tail and he’s got a safety pin through his left ear. Sitting next to him is Brandon who owns this tiny tiny apartment with dishes stacked up to the ceiling and dirty clothes thrown across the floor. His doesn’t like to talk about it but we all know his mum threw him out for smoking pot. Brandon used to be pretty smart ...view middle of the document...

We’re actually a pretty decent band and get a few local gigs at crappy pubs and clubs. I give up studying for my HSC, the others all dropped out of school awhile ago so we have a lot of free time to practice. The moneys not much but it’s better then nothing.
It’s at one of our gigs that I realize I am starting to go crazy. I don’t mention this to anyone but I begin making up this story in my head. It’s about a girl my age in boarding school. I sit around all day thinking about this girl. I give her a name, Sara and I watch her go about her daily things in my mind. I make up dialogue for her to say and I surround her with friends. She’s beautiful and popular but she’s no angel. She has a boyfriend who resembles a perfect version of me. I even create a family for her but I won’t go into that, she’s my private thought not yours. She’s my golden girl. I’m sitting around thinking about her when I find out Nikki’s left Adam. It’s been a month. One bloody month.
A year goes by and nothing much has changed. I’m creating a scene in my mind where Sara is meeting up with her mother who has been in prison for the last 4 years. I’ve actually watched this same scene about 5 times before but I never get tired of it. We’re sitting around again at Brandon’s place waiting for Adam to show up. I snap out of my daydream when he arrives.
“I got a tattoo,” he says. Whoa. He pulls down his jeans just a little and reveals 5 little black letters on his hip, they say “Nikki” I don’t know what to say. “She dumped you man” Joel says in disbelief. Sometimes, little things leave long impressions don’t they?Nobody says anything. I try to fill the silence “I bet it hurt nowhere near as much as the heartbreak did” I say and then instantly regret it. We’ve never discussed how much Adam is hurting but Adam laughs for just a second, I smile like an idiot, I can’t help it. I don’t think Adam has laughed since Nikki left; it makes me feel human again.
My thoughts are still occupied with this girl and her life. It’s all I think about. I stop watching TV, I stop going out, I stop sleeping but more importantly I start beginning to think its real, I start believing that this world I’d made up in my head is real. The band falls though because I can’t see to turn up for band rehearsals or gigs. Somehow weeks pass by and suddenly I find myself outside Adams house. The four of us sitting on his front lawn. I can’t remember how I got here. “Dude,” Joel says, “What is that?”It’s a cat you idiot.
A cat?A cat. It’s a small brown cat, with white spots, and it’s got a little pink nose. It’s sweet. Adam grabs the cat with one...

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