My Life When I Was Seven Years Old Vs My Life Now English Essay

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Some people say childhood is the best part of life, I completely agree with that opinion. As we grow older, our mind changes, along with the world around us. There are so many differences between how my life is now when I am eighteen years old and how it was when I was seven years old. Some of the differences include the technology, the way I think, my responsibilities and even my family, which has also had big changes over years.
I was born in Viet Nam, into a middle class family. Back then, my country was under-developed due to the consequences of World War II, it led to the lack of technology. When I was seven, the only technology that I had for entertainment was a poor quality television with very limited channels, some in color but most of them were in black and white. Moreover, the only way for me to connect with my grandmother was by face-to-face communication because none of us had a phone. Now, everything has become easier. I have my own phone, a laptop, an iPad with plenty of apps not only to entertain myself, but also to talk to my family and see their faces even when we are in different countries. Technology has changed so much in the past eleven years, it has made great impacts and has changed my life in a positive way.
John Lydon said “Remaining childish is a tremendous state of innocent”, obviously, the best thing about childhood is being innocent. When I was seven, in my mother and father’s loving arms, I had basically everything I needed. All I had to do was eat, play and sleep, so I thought life was easy, it had no difficulty. People were always nice to me, every day was a beautiful day, I could do and say whatever I wanted. My parents would laugh at things I said even if it was wrong, but if I say it now, I am in big trouble. As an 18-year-old girl, the responsibilities are bigger, I have to cook for my own meal, do the chores, take care of my 6-year-old brother, work my part-time job, try to figure out my career and most important is to maintain good grades in school. Learned f...


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