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        A woman who has not only changed and motivated my life has inspired me. Not only has she inspired my life, she also gave life to me. I have watched her struggle through many hard times and prevail over the obstacles laid before her when others said she would not make it. She succeeded, when destined to fail and never lost hope in times of hopelessness. The woman I speak of is my mother.

        My mother started out as a below average person who appeared to have no promising future or a future at all. She didn't have an outstanding education; she wasn't the perfect person by far. She worked ...view middle of the document...

        When there seemed to be no hope of making it, her hope and faith only grew. She kept working hard and in doing so she was finally rewarded with a descent job. She became the manager of a truck stop. She was determined to give me, her son, all that she couldn't have. The new job, although better than the last, still only paid just enough to get by.

        My mother was not going to settle for just enough, she wanted to give more to me. She wanted to prove to everyone that she was somebody. She worked twice as long and twice as hard as the people she worked with and in doing so was noticed by a man who owned a chain of extended stay lodges. This man admired my mother for working so hard and decided to give her a chance. She was now the manager of an extended stay lodge.

        My mother had proved everyone wrong and became something everyone said she couldn't be. Still this was not enough. She provided for her family well but wanted us to have more. She worked harder then ever and got yet another promotion to area manager at the lodges.

        My mother struggled for many years but never once thought of giving up. Although everyone put her down, she never thought or wished bad upon them. She only proved them wrong. My mother inspired me in so many ways and still inspires me today. Because of my mother I know that no matter what anyone says, if I work hard and never give up I can do anything.


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623 words - 3 pages Personal Statement I am a young adult living in a media orientated world. Film and television have been, and continue to be, hugely influential in just about every area of my life. I have always been fascinated by every aspect of film, from the way in which various creative industries lead in the process of production, to the way in which they are received by the audience and the impact they can have on cultures, societies and individual lives

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1300 words - 6 pages of energy and inspiration and even someone you can rely on in difficult times. But, I do not know how many bosses in the world really feel inspired to be as good a boss and as good a leader as him. So definitely, I have a boss who is unique and I would wish to be like him. Again I would attribute my professional success to him and along with it some personal also. Certainly, a boss can be a ladder to success, if he is a visionary like mine.

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1050 words - 5 pages develop their personal and professional skills to the best of their ability and ultimately enable them to understand how to take responsibility for their own development. This is carried out by planning and preparing course activities that take into account the needs and skill levels of the individual students and where applicable, groups of delegates with varying levels of experience and skills. I must also be aware of my boundaries and

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1912 words - 8 pages family and dedication to public service (M. Jeanes, personal communication, November 8, 2016). “In addition to being a police officer, he always had a second job. Having two jobs enabled him to pay for my college education. For that I am eternally grateful” (M. Jeanes, personal communication, November 8, 2016). Michael decided to attend Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois to study political science. Unlike many of his friends, he had no

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4265 words - 18 pages theme (mocking effect) Voice (body of work): · Pensive · Serious · Humorous/witty · Reflective · First person is common · Neutral gender (not especially feminine or masculine) · Personal connection to event or theme Purpose of poetry: · Informative—effects of communism, WWII, holocaust, human rights · Focus on details of life—appreciation, acknowledge war/events/importance · Human dignity · Poetic inspiration/role of the poet in society Use of the

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2774 words - 12 pages refers to those who enjoy going with the flow and discovering life one day at a time (Gallup, 2019).. This strength resonated with me both in my work life and personal life as I enjoy the gift of surprise and knowing each day can bring new challenges. Being Strategic emphasizes the creative process in various scenarios and excels at noticing patterns and issues. Working with adolescents I have to be verbal and able to spontaneously create new ideas

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2020 words - 9 pages of a world without women than Victor's dream." I thought I saw Elizabeth, in the bloom of health, walking in the streets of Ingolstadt. Delighted and surprised I embraced her, but as I imprinted the first kiss on her lips, they become livid with the hue of death; her features appeared to change, and I thought that I held the corpse of my dead mother in my arms; a shroud enveloped her form, and I saw grave-worms crawling in the fold of flannel

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3708 words - 15 pages jump beyond the facts, and staying on the behavioral side of the reality limits my passion for inspiration and insight. Nevertheless, being aware that this wouldn’t be the best attitude to start this new activity, I decided to update my coaching schema and allow this experience reshape it and add new self fulfilling features to it. Therefore, I prepared my self mentally by thinking on the most behavioral skill I would like to be coached on-writing