Assignment On My Summer Trip: Audra

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In the summer, my family and I go camping at Audra every year, and we have a blast. When we first get there, we have to “set up camp.” Audra is a small state park in West Virginia that my Aunt found on accident when she was going camping about fifteen years ago, and the campsite she usually goes to was full, so she went there. Little did she know that she was really finding a family tradition that would last for years. The guys usually put up the tents, the girls usually get the food out and everything set up. When we are all done with the tedious work, we usually change into our bathing suits and walk down to the river. It is so inviting; we just have to go swimming. The current isn’t that powerful, but it is strong enough to make it so we can journey down it on large inner tubes. That can get dangerous though, we usually don’t leave the river without a few bruises and bumps, but it isn’t anything that a band-aid can’t fix. At the end of the day, we are all really worn-out, so we usually make dinner over the scorching fire. Believe it or not, camping food is some of the best food ever. I like to go down to the river at night, lay on a rock and just stare at the stars. It can be very romantic, listening to the water stream past us as if it could go on forever. That is the most comforting, soothing place to be in the world. We also take long walks through the woods, and climb up this one life-size rock. This is a good place for families to go and relax. It’s very enjoyable, very inexpensive, and very pleasant. I’ll go there for as long as I can still walk. I’ll take my kids, my grandchildren, and hopefully, my great grandchildren.


Difference between driving in the summer and in the winter - Penn Foster , Science - Essay

515 words - 3 pages car for summer, you’d have to do the same for winter. You have to plan out your trip, and you have to plan it out very carefully. Just like you have to have different materials for winter, you’ll have to have the materials you need for summer. Both can also cause damage to your car, so that is why you have to get your car in the shop and get what it needs for the season. There are plenty of ways that driving in both seasons are very different. In

Phase Autobiography about living in Haiti after college and how it changes your life. - Soph. Comp - Essay

941 words - 4 pages Blayne Gacke Mrs. Tyler Sophomore English October 3, 2018 Life Isn’t Fair About nine years ago, my great uncle's family, on my mom’s side, started traveling to Haiti. They went there on a one-week mission trip, but they fell in love with the country while they were there. They then decided to start going back every summer. When they went back the next summer, they met a man named Webert. He was running a school built out of wooden palettes

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2186 words - 9 pages Free field, God’s building.” With this concept of God’s view we are able to understand not only what we have but our life itself in the beauty and likeness of Jesus Christ. Biblical stewardship is not God taking from us, yet it is Him applying His richest gifts upon the people He loves the most. I have noticed many stewardship opportunities including a chance that I had encountered this summer. Over this summer, with my youth group, I went on a

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906 words - 4 pages , but I cannot afford to pay for the enrollment or the ticket for that matter because my parents take care of it for me. It was the last summer I had before going to high school, and my parents booked me a ticket to visit my uncle’s family in India. I love traveling and I would like to make some kind of career out of it someday, but there will always be a few comforts in particular that I will always try to look for, while traveling. My parents

Driving Me Crazy, a literacy narrative - CNM - essay

1275 words - 6 pages Eduardo Rojas-Alvarado Veronique Kaemerer English 1101 Summer 06/05/2019 Driving Me Crazy There is a very specific feeling I get while driving, freedom. However, it hasn’t always been that way. When learning to drive, there are a few items to consider before sitting in the driver’s seat. Most importantly, am I ready for this? I thought I was. Next item, have I done my research? I was fortunate enough to take an extracurricular driving class in

A good man is hard to find analysis - Miami Dade college enc 1102 - Essay

674 words - 3 pages story starts off when Bailey plans to take his family on a trip from Georgia to Florida for a summer vacation. His mother referred to as the grandmother in the story refuses to go to Florida and wants them to travel to east Tennessee instead. She argues that the children have never been there before, she also shows them an article about an escaped murderer who calls himself “The Misfit” and was last seen in Florida. When the family is on the road

Why Halifax is the best city in Canada - NSCC Communications Foundations - Essay

583 words - 3 pages Why Halifax is the best city in Canada Introduction How many of you would rather live in Montreal, Toronto, or any other city right now. Montreal has hockey games, Amusement park, and concerts, and wrestling. Toronto has the Eaton center which is a shopping mall, sports game, the CN tower, and many other things. Those cities along with many others may be a great place to take a trip to for a few days, but I’m going to tell you why Halifax is the

Frost Reflection

1054 words - 5 pages was not exactly the best day of my life, but as all the days tallied up, it didn't seem so awful. I felt as if I just won an immunity challenge, giving me one more change and stay at frost. I quickly fan danced my way through seventh grade in a flash and I thought I had done everything I needed to do, but completely regardless of what was yet to come.When eighth grade began, I couldn't wait until it was summer time again, counting off each and

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1673 words - 7 pages seem to have mixed feelings about the caregiver- they cry when the caregiver leaves the room, but they cannot be consoled by the caregiver upon the caregiver’s return. (Chapter 4, page 128). My first experience with ambivalent attachment is when I helped my sister to watch her baby when I came back to Vietnam. My sister has a one-year-old girl, she was born when I was in USA, so I never met her before. I came back to visit my sister last summer

A Grandmothers Love

1108 words - 5 pages , I boarded the bus, and off I went to the "Golden State." My trip that summer to visit just made us closer. We went to San Francisco and all of the sites that were in Sacramento but mostly we just stayed at home doing all of the normal household things. Grandmother even made shopping a game; I could not believe how much fun I was having, never in my life was I spoiled so much. Again, I wanted to stay forever and again it could not be.The

Culture Shock Paper: a paper that defines culture shock and what it means to have culture shock - Troy University, Diversity - Essay

701 words - 3 pages activities and you begin to accept the environment around you with open arms. Over this past Summer, I was lucky enough to experience culture shock for the first time. Although I didn’t experience a true extreme poverty ridden place, it still had the same effects on me. My family and I traveled to the beautiful island of St. John only months after the devastating hurricane nearly destroyed parts of the island. Before traveling here, I researched

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2287 words - 10 pages try and go get help and stop drinking so that his health would not be risk. My grandpa looked eighty-years-old when he was only sixty-two-years old, which resulted from his nonstop drinking and damaged his body inside and out. I remember every time my family and I would travel to visit him on Christmas, for Thanksgiving, or even just for a trip in the summer his appearance and health seemed to be deteriorating significantly in the short periods

2 short stories that have been graded to get you a high B grade. You can use and adapt it. - carey college year 11 - story

1744 words - 7 pages Free 11.4 English UNACCEPTING LOVE A game of poker is always dangerous, but when you’re risking all of your life savings and the trip of a lifetime- that’s when seconds feel like hours and the uncontrollable beat of your heart becomes so loud it invades your capability of hearing. My eyes darted at the three other lads right in front of me, examining their facial features to determine my next moves. Each of them had beads of sweat rolling and racing down

Stratford And Tourism

6245 words - 25 pages , whereas in the summer there may be more people choosing to travel by foot.I think that I should have drawn a rough filed sketch whilst we were on the trip as well as taking pictures. This would have helped me when it came to drawing a field sketch for my third hypothesis, as I could have labelled and annotated the diagram.In conclusion I think that my team and I worked very well together and collected all of the necessary data. However, if I were

The Awakening And The Pearl Compare And Contrast Essay

2487 words - 10 pages how much do you need to achieve satisfaction"¦ The Awakening, by Kate Chopin, is a truthful novel that examines the inferiority of women through the eyes of the protagonist, Edna Ponteiller. While on a summer vacation without her husband at Grand Isle, Edna meets and falls in love with a younger man named Robert Lebrun. When the twenty-eight year old mother and wife returns to her life in New Orleans at the end of the summer, she quickly