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The name of the town is Cumberland, Maryland. It lies in a valley on the Potomac River. The day is December 12, 2001. The time is the beginning of the day.

The alarm clock rings, I hit the snooze button three times. My mom comes in screaming "it's that time again"¦ get up!"

        I roll out of bed, tripping over everything possible. I trip over my schoolbooks as I wipe the "sleepies" out of my eyes. The clock says 7:20 a.m. In my head, I think, "ahhh! I'm going to be late for school!" I rush around the house trying to get ready in such a short amount of time. All I can think is "ugh, another ...view middle of the document...

I look up the street, then down only to see all the neighbors sitting on their porches, snooping around for some fresh new gossip. It could be twenty degrees below freezing and it would not keep them fenced indoors. I see my neighbor, Charlie walking his tiny dog Smokey up the street and I just cannot resist, I have to pet him. Everyone knows Charlie from his coaching days at Fort Hill. Football is huge in my town, so everyone knows who he is. Three elementary school teachers from South Penn also reside on my street. They walk out to their cars every morning almost simultaneously, cup of coffee in one hand, bags full of books in the other. It's obvious how enthused they are to be on their way to work again. I try to be cheerful and say hello, even though I'm too tired to speak. As I wave to the peanut gallery of Avondale Avenue, they watch every step I take like evil little vultures. Then, I wait for what seems like an eternity to cross the street. Sometimes it amazes me that other students arrive at school as late as I do. I walk across, dodging my peers speeding by in their cars. Trust me, this little walk is not easy because my muscles are still aching and sore from just waking up. When I reach the door to Fort Hill, I open it, just as the late bell, or as they call it, the tone, sounds. The halls are bare. My heart thumps as I race to Mrs. O'Rourke's classroom before the morning announcements come on. A typical morning in my life, in my town has


Home Town Ahmedabad Essay

503 words - 3 pages people from other town or cities to live here.In Ahmedabad people are very co-operative. They are always ready to help us. Though person who is unfamiliar with my city would never fall in trouble. The other attractive point of my city is its very nice entertainment places. It has many advanced multiplex theaters and nicely arranged gardens. People can visit them and would forget about all their tensions. Furthermore, it has beautiful Kakaria Lake and

Assignment On Dialogue: Night on the town

434 words - 2 pages ;re way to drunk like the rest of us!J: What!E: I’m not getting in with you behind the wheel.R: Don’t be a closer Erin, get in the car, we’re leaving* Martha tries to put the key in the ignition *J: I can’t get the keys to work. It’s a sign. Let’s just take a cab. I guess I can pick up my sexy car tomorrow.E: Okay! Great! I’ll call the cab.R: Fine, but I’m not paying!N: In the wise words of Aristotle, the only difference between beasts and a human is reasoning. Although they drank like beats, they proved they were human by using their reasoning when deciding whether or not to drive under the influence.

practise of public relations poe 2018 - varsity college cape town - assignment

3457 words - 14 pages SIYABONGA NGXOWENI prpr assignment 15004819 DPRE 1 4/20/2015 I, [SIYABONGA NGXOWENI] hereby declare that I did not plagiarise any content of this assignment and that this is my own work. Signed: ____________________________________ Name of Lecturer Page 13 of 14 Table of Contents 1: ………………………………………..evaluating the importance of writing in P.R 2: ………………………………………..creative and conceptual

What Insights Have You Gained About Change From Robert Gray's "North Coast Town"?

1173 words - 5 pages The word change means to become different or undergo alteration. It is a complex topic that has a range of meanings and concepts involved in it. Three important concepts about change can be highlighted in the poem "North Coast Town" written by Robert Gray. This poem describes the changes that have occurred in a small coast town. The town has become and will continue to become commercialised and industrialised. This process has removed the

Essay On Stones For Ibarra

968 words - 4 pages Free the towns money and using it for their "luxuries and pleasures" they are sinning, showing acts of greed. These padres aren't the best people suited to be telling us how to differentiate between right and wrong. By including the padres of the town the author conveys the point of how gullible and simple minded the people of Ibarra really are. That is why the title Stones of Ibarra, in my opinion, represents the people of this small town. Their

Prejudice in "To Kill A Mockingbird" - Charlotte High School, English 9 - Essay

828 words - 4 pages Free white woman tempting a negro is something unspeakable in our society”. Meaning a white female flirting with a black man was frowned upon in the town of Maycomb. “She was white, and she tempted a negro. She did something that in our society is unspeakable: She kissed a black man. No code mattered to her before she broke it but it came crashing down on her afterward.” (Lee 206). As I stated in my thesis, racial prejudice negatively affects different

Silent Mill- Part 1

987 words - 4 pages A dark, gloomy mist flooded the air as I entered the town."Its like a ghost town". I said to himself, wondering where everybody was. I stumbled out of my car and peered curiously into a shop window, no one was there. No one was in any of the buildings, "No wonder this town is called Silent Mill". I walked on up the street, noticing that this strange fog that filled the air was getting thicker. My car was now out of sight completely. I walked on

Why football is important to me - Lodi High/ English - essay

1139 words - 5 pages Free 3….2…1… the crowd was going wild. I look up and I see my teammate had made the final sack to win the game. I looked around seeing my community, teammates, and coaches smiles as wide as the Mississippi River. I see tears rolling down like a waterfall on all my teammates and coaches faces. It was a brisk morning on a beautiful Thursday in November. I grew up in small town 20 minutes north of Madison called Lodi. It was just like any other average

Themes of Reputation in The Crucible - Academic English 12 - assignment

420 words - 2 pages problem for him. When told to tell the court of other witches to save his life, he chooses to die instead ruining his family's name. “Because it is my name! Because I cannot have another in my life! ...I have given you my soul, leave me my name!” (Miller). This quote is powerful because he knows that if he dies and his name is soiled throughout the town, his sons will have to live with his mistakes. So he dies protecting his family. Another

Rethinking the American Dream

327 words - 2 pages person who works at construction site. This makes me think I should go to third world country and build town just like Levitton. Part of the article made me really dream about something. This houses were built 19467-1950, these era were when people having an American dream. In my opinion American dream is relevant to the labor movement. What is good if you work at minimum wages and work hard. That doesn't go near the middle class. So middle class

The essay that I sent through Coalition - College Essay - Essay

559 words - 3 pages -American growing up in this town, the experiences I have gained and the culture I have learned about are unmatched. Imagine Garba, an Indian dance event, being the sole topic of discussion in the fall, rather than Homecoming. Imagine Diwali parades throughout town every year. “Di-what?” A common question asked by my extended family. They are unable to visualize a world that actively celebrates different cultures. Despite never knowing how to make

Opiate Addiction- Final research Paper - Colorado Mesa University Montrose campus - Research Paper

805 words - 4 pages sickness had finally disappeared. “Today, I will tell you that Suboxone saved my life.” After Smith became clean, he divorced his wife to help distance himself from that life-style. “I got an apartment and started considering bettering my future.” Even in the small town of Montrose there are addictions that are unknown. There are two hundred thousand US cases per year per the Mayo Clinic website. Not everyone chooses to be a part of this life-style. Others that do choose to be in this life-style can always turn their lives around, but often takes the help of the community.

This essay is about a “personal experience - Composition - descriptive

1030 words - 5 pages Free Joao Godoy English 111B From Dusk till Dawn Have you ever got so bored to the point where you are willing to do anything to entertain yourself, even breaking the rules? My guess is yes, you have, and that is normal because people usually don’t think about the consequences of their actions on themselves and others until something happens. It was the month of February in the small town of Waco, which is known for its famous restaurant named

"Book Letter" For Cold Sassy Tree

462 words - 2 pages Free 11/25/01 Dear Bobby, The novel Cold Sassy Tree was written by Olive Ann Burns. Cold Sassy Tree is a story set in Cold Sassy, Georgia about the conflict between Mr. Blakeslee and his wife with his family and the town of Cold Sassy. They are all upset because Mr. Blakeslee marries Miss Love Simpson, who is the nearly the same age as his daughters just three weeks after the death of Miss Matie Lou, his old wife. My favorite character


547 words - 3 pages ?About 1 in 1000 people are lawyers. Do you feel as if there are too many lawyers in today's society?Small town law:Do you feel that practicing law in a small town limits your job opportunities? Do you think that lawyers are better suited to work in metropolitan areas? Is there enough work in Mifflin County to support the number of lawyers working here?The average national salary for an attorney in the US is about $113,000 annually according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Do you feel that the average salary for a lawyer in Mifflin County compares to this number?Is there any other information you feel would be helpful for me in writing my research paper?