Mythological Short Story About The Goddess Ceres Searching For Her Kidnapped Daughter Florida Virtual School/English 2 Short Story

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As Ceres, the goddess of agriculture, got ready to leave, her daughter came running up and tugged on her mother's silky dress with her tiny hands. As Ceres turned around a strong wind came and blew her glistening, blonde locks away from her face, flowing in the breeze. She looked down to see her daughter in a flowy blue sundress. She smiled down to her daughter. “What’s wrong my little angel?” Proserpina looked up into her mother’s eyes, "Mommy, can I please go down to the shore?" Proserpina begged with puppy dog eyes and her bottom lip jutted out. Ceres looked up from her daughter in the direction of the ocean and thought, she turned back to her daughter and agreed to let her go, “You can go as long as you stay by the sea nymphs, for they are trustworthy enough.” She worriedly told Proserpina to stay away from the forest before she went off in search of the sea nymphs. As soon as her mother finished, Proserpina excitedly jumped in the air, yelling “Thank you” and ran off toward the ocean. Ceres chuckled at her daughter's carefree youth. She then reached up and hauled herself into her dragon-drawn carriage and went off to care to her fields.
Sweating under the heat, Ceres was hard at work for a mere ten hours when all of a sudden, she heard an ear-piercing scream – “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH”. Ceres shot her head up, frightened at the resemblance in the voice to her daughter's own. With wide eyes, Ceres searched all around her looking for the source of the scream. When she couldn't find anyone, Ceres hurried back to her little cottage by the shore. Ceres slammed the front door open, frantically searching for her daughter. Inside, her house was eerily quiet. “Where is my daughter?!” Ceres dangerously and frantically asked the sea nymphs. “She went out to the forest to pick some flowers to make a crown and told us to wait here. So that is what we have been doing popping our heads up every couple of minutes looking for her, but she has yet o return.” Proserpina wasn't by the ocean with the nymphs and wasn't in the forest either, she was nowhere to be found. The sun was setting and the sky was already darkening into a deep purple and orange. What Ceres found as she looked through the dark, mossy forest truly horrified her — a humongous hole in the ground with uprooted flowers tossed all around. Her heart sunk as she thought surely her daughter had been kidnapped by a horrible man and vowed to only rest once her beautiful, loving daughter was back in her sun-kissed arms.
Ceres lit a magical torch, that would only blow out once Proserpina was released from her evil capture and set off on her journey. Ceres was on a mission to find her daughter, and nothing would get in her way. It was already well into the night when she knocked on the fifteenth door. “Have you seen my daughter?” Ceres asked once again. Dark circles had started to appear under her eyes from her exhaustion. “No I haven’t seen your daughter. You should come inside and rest, you look very ti...


The Execution- Short Story

1395 words - 6 pages she was, and more wealthy, and more powerful... but tonight, just this once, she had outsmarted him. In ten seconds she would point her gun, pull the trigger, and send his soul screeching into the warp, and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it.Steam rose from a vent in the alley floor, carrying with it the stench of chlorine. The night was cold. A feather of wind stirred leaves in little circles over the brick. The thin sickle of the

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1575 words - 7 pages Free paired with a disconnection from society can lead to alienation and psychological torment. The protagonist’s name, Samson, is significant as he is a character in the bible that is famous for taking his own life. This name suggests he comes from a religious family and also foreshadows his future of suicide. The inspiration for my narrative was the true story of Kalief Browder. He was a man that was falsely accused of theft and ended up committing

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1578 words - 7 pages %. Nervousness was taking over my body like a sickening virus. Was I really about to tell her how I feel? I knew from after our first date that she was the one. Not for one second had she ever left my mind. When I see her it’s as if I could run forever, search forever, but in the end, every path leads right back to her heart. The first time I kissed her goodnight, it was like the world stopped, leaving just the two of us to wander the earth

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792 words - 4 pages trying to figure out what to do, it was a foggy Wednesday night, we were all very bored and could not seem to come up with anything to do with our time. As we were all walking through the community and then Mitchell said “How about we go into the yellow house that Miss Lizzy use to own. I heard her son is soon coming out to knock it down.” We all headed to my garage to get some tools to open the door to the house. After an hour of looking for tools

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1140 words - 5 pages . This process is useful when reviewing, comprehending and reflecting. For alternative texts refer to Suggested alternative resources for EATSIPS. (Note: prior to using any of these suggested texts, review the content to ensure suitability for your school context and class.) The embedding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into the curriculum requires more than addressing curriculum and pedagogy. For further information refer to

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1198 words - 5 pages commoner’s word for it. Remember, Ethan, we are receiving formal education; our language must be sophisticated enough,”, said Jason; although quite unsure about the ‘world’ part. He only remembered that the word had something to do with ‘uni’. “So, like I was saying, the uniworld is very dark. To keep an eye on all of us, God needs light. The solution can be nothing better than –a light bulb! The bulb hangs from the umbrella, and that is what we call

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792 words - 4 pages Just another brilliant specter of life one could say but I fucking hated it. Growing up in Long Island as a Jew was an interesting concept and any average Jew would be proud of that but I wasn't. Sure, I practiced the Jewish Doctrine and actually became quite educated in underminding my instructor as I was only 13 and still a so called apprentice in the game, so to speak. My name is Danny Balint recently graduated High school and no longer

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1557 words - 7 pages Free get to the entrances. All the windows in the top floor of the building were all broken, but not the bottom 2 floors. The school looked to be almost haunted, but I liked it for some odd reason. While stopping to look at the building, it started to sprinkle and a continuous breeze sifted through our spring attire. “Maybe we should head back because it’s about to get cold” I said. “No, we’re not too far from the park it’s just a couple streets down

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606 words - 3 pages Free ). This shows that George believes that breaking the rules can be nothing but bad. He is also someone who does what is expected of him, or in other words, he is a conformist. While reading this short story, it becomes very clear that this fictional character is a conformist, but so is many real people in society today. For example, I am very similar to George in the means that I am also conforming with society. I go to school, to get good

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4031 words - 17 pages -spirited taunting, she would run her hand over my head and tell me, ‘don't you dare listen to them Andrew, they’re simply jealous of how special you are.’ Crazy old woman she was, -" "So your name is Andrew? Is my file lying to me or are you ly-" "Your file is wrong," I interrupt, shifting about in my white jumper and attempting to cross my arms over my chest. The chains on my hands clanked against the metal table loud enough to startle me into settling

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926 words - 4 pages men. Despite the miller experiencing suspicion from both men about his second scenario, he doesn't give up on trying to prove the two men were wrong in believing he gambled and lost the money on a different account. Although during moments in the story the miller felt afraid and ashamed for losing the money, sometimes it takes a scenario like this to help someone decide whether to be honest or to lie. Even though it is difficult to be honest and

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532 words - 3 pages Free My name is Eddie Larson and this is my story of how I changed my life around. I grew up on the city’s south side which had one of the highest amounts of teen pregnancy and crime rates and also common gang violence. I, myself wasn’t a gang member but our culture and our brown skin labelled us all.As I made my way into high school things became harder. I began giving into peer pressure and I started to struggle. If things inside school

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707 words - 3 pages my daughter? Whatever it was, he was wrong and Sarah’s hurt was entirely his fault. As a father, I am protective of her, biased in her favor, of course, but she holds such a genuine heart, I doubt anyone would want to hurt her. I know of her caring, pure nature because I have seen it. For example, Sarah was five, and we went on a hike through the forest. After some time, we came across an injured robin whose chance of survival seemed slim, yet