Naplan Practice Tobacco Should Be Illegal Essay Year 9 Essay

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Production and sale of tobacco should be illegal
Lethal, Damaging and carless.​ With every breath, 7000 cells are ​murdered​. The numerous negative
health aspects of tobacco use should enforce the idea that this drug sale should be illegal, for the sake
of our families, children and pets. The many risks of smoking out way any positive outcome from the
sale of this ​corrupting ​drug. ​Tobacco kills a person every six seconds. ​The governments feeble
attempts to slow down the tobacco usage in australia is just inadequate, this drug still feeds off​ our
society and economy like a virus.​ When you walk past the alleys in Bondi Junction what do you see?
Teenagers in school uniform, smoking,​ filling they’re lungs and intoxicating their brains​ with this
enslaving and unforgiving drug​. Our family lives are threatened by the foreboding and looming idea of
our children​ encountering, using and soon relying ​on tobacco, relieve your stress! Ban tobacco! It
damages the users children not just mentally but internally as well, the smoke they inhale in twice as
lethal as what is inhaled by the user. This drug is ​murdering children, enslaving teenagers and ripping
apart your families​. ​So I ask you how can such a drug be legal?
The sale and availability of this ​killer ​allows teenagers to get their hands on such addictive and
dangerous products that have powerful effects on each teen’s social life, which is utterly important for
their growth and development. Short term effects like affected breathing and fitness levels affect their
overall health and performance in everyday activities such as running up stairs. Addiction strains
relationships with friends and family, ​particularly ​in the case of teenage users.​The effects of passive
smoking are just as threatening, meaning even if your child doesn’t smoke but is surrounded by users,
they can be affected too​ Pungent body odour and breath is not only off putting to all those surrounding
the user but to the users confidence as well.​ ​9 out of ten tobacco users state they started using tobacco
before the age of 18!. ​This is due to the intensity of the smoke, with every puff double...

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