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Paige Jones
Mrs. Yarnell
Comp 1
14 February 2018
Scariest Moment in My Life
I remember the day like it was yesterday, the night of my very first wreck. It was a cool fall evening, the clouds had been forming all day. I had just pitched an awesome softball game for a dramatic win against Neosho. As we were cleaning up the field after the game I felt a few raindrops and I didn’t think anything of it. I asked my team if they wanted to go to sonic and get a drink to celebrate. My teammates and I headed to the local Sonic to get a drink and to talk about the victory over our biggest rivalry Neosho Wildcats.
As I began to head home, the clouds finally opened up with a slight sprinkle at first. But before i knew it, it was a full downpour. I was pulling up to a stop sign, and was just thinking about what if I was ever on the phone with my parents, and I had got into a wreck, what they would do? The thought quickly left my mind, when all of a sudden the light on my cell phone with “dad” on the screen caught my attention, so I answered it and my dad was calling to remind me of the curvy hill in a small town that we routinely pass through to get home. It gets very slick from the chicken fat that spills out of protein trucks that come from the Tyson Foods Plant just a few miles towards Noel. That road has always been notorious for accidents when it would first start to rain, due to the chicken fat and the freshly fallen rain.
I was still on the phone with my dad, telling him I needed new windshield wipers. When all of a sudden my red truck started spinning in circles, all I could do is scream. I felt completely out of control. I could hear my dad screaming on the line, Paige! Paige!, what is happening? It felt like that time was slowing down and that it was never going to stop. T...


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