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Monica Stallings
Mrs. Sanchez
Language Arts 3
20 March 2019
February 18, 2002
On February 18th, 2002 a mother of three was helping her husband get ready for a fishing trip her husband and their three-year-old son was taken. The mother was sad that she couldn’t join them because she had to care for their two months old baby girl. As the mother was packing she went over the supplies that she packed for the boys fishing trip.
“Okay, I packed the fishing rods, bate, snacks, and a bucket. I feel like I’m missing something. Am I missing anything baby?”
“This is perfect, baby. Thank you so much,” the father says to his wife.
“Come on Josh, it’s time to leave,” the father screamed.
Josh runs done the stairs straight to the door. The dad smiles with joy and follows him out. Before following him out, the couple exchange kisses. The father and son packed up the car and drove off. The dad puts the fishing spot in his GPS. It supposed to take them twenty minutes. As the father drive he asked his son several questions.
“Are you ready Josh? We are going to have to so much fun. We are going to rent a boat and we are gonna fish in the middle of the ocean.”
The son nodded his head yes and continued looking out the window. Five minutes later the son view changes from looking at cars to seeing the ocean. He jumps up and done in his car seat. The dad enters the fishing spot parking lot and looks for a parking spot. After three times around the parking lot, he finally finds a spot. The boys parks and start unpacking the car. The father leads the son to the booth where you rent boats. The father rents out the boat for two hours. The man directs the boys to where their boat is going to be located. After listening carefully the dad leads his son to the boat. The boys pack their stuff onto the boat and leave the dock. It takes them ten minutes to find the best spot. The dad turns off the boat and helps his son set up his fishing pole. When the father was done he set up his. The next step was to wait until they got a pull. After waiting for a hour the boys had no luck. Instead of wait...


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