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The Worst First
My palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. There’s vomit on my sweater already: mom’s tikka masala. I think we can all remember back to our first date – I however, actively choose to block such memories. But because I love you all so much I will walk you through my painful existence.
Rewind back to freshman year of high school, strategically two weeks before homecoming. The idea was that I would, obviously, nail the date and then take her to the dance. Great plan, right? Of course, it was gonna be dope. Execution on the other hand? Well, far from that.
So, it’s an hour before game time and I had no what my game plan was. I. I sat idle with a blank stare facing my closet. Okay, remember what you learned in middle school art class: complementary colors work best, right? I grab a pair of khakis, a baby blue shirt, and my all white low-top Converses . It’s not like I really had much of a choice to wear as just like all my homework, I procrastinated with my laundry as well.
And then I hear it, the beginning of the end: “Konain, come help with the dishes!”. This was the last I wanted, smelling like dirty dish water before the date, but hey, this was part of the deal. Where else am I gonna get my date money from? I’m wrist deep finishing what was left of the dishes and then it happens. My brother tosses his plate in, food flying everywhere. Cue ti...


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3779 words - 16 pages . He could come home and be with our son and relax after his tiring day without a care or concern in the world. I quickly sniped back, “Well, a lot of people think that I should get rid of you, too.” The argument could have escalated from there, but the mediator smartly interjected and said that if we wanted to try and stay together for Marshall, it was worth it. He said, “Research shows that divorce is very hard on kids, especially those under

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604 words - 3 pages Jalen Simpkins Prof. Spillman English 099-01 8 September 2017 Commencement Speech Good evening fellow classmates, I would first off like to say thank you to my teachers and my wonderful family for all the support and helping me achieve my accolades, thank you once again. Senior year was a blast just like it was the other three years. We have done some impeccable things throughout high school including our biggest accomplishments when we sold out

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1550 words - 7 pages Covino 1 Joseph Covino Final Paper Hum 101-010 04/19/19 Free Speech Zones For years, Wikipedia pages have been a headache for students and teachers due to their disreputable nature. This is because of the submission criteria which allows for anyone to post an article regardless of their experience or education in writing or about the topic of discussion. Although there are discrepancies about the validity of Wikipedia pages, there are pages that

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447 words - 2 pages Free protein, transitioning hair tends to get brittle and dry, led to excessive breakage or split ends that’s a sign that a deep conditioner is needed. You will start by parting your hair into 4 sections then section at a time following that apply the deep conditioner from the scalp to the ends, next put on a thermal cap for thirty minutes and steam, after that rinse with warm water. Finally, apply oils, milk, etc. then style. In conclusion

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