Nationalism And Absolutism. Umm Its About Like "The Sun King" Or Louis Xvi And Like All His Acomplishments. Theis Is Appart Of The Causes Of The Ww1. If Aby Questions Email Me

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Nationalism and Absolutism

The Sun King was on of the greatest Czars of France. A simile used to describe Louis XVI's Importance was "Just as the sun is the center of the solar system, Louis was the center of France's government." Jean Baptiste Colbert was the somber minister of France's finance. Mercantilism was one of Colbert's strongest beliefs and rescued France from its great weakness. A balance of trade was made and enabled France to export more than import. Tariffs were placed by this miracle-working minister of finance. Louis revoked the Edict of Nantes and Huguenots were no longer permitted to attend their personal churc ...view middle of the document...

Versailles was a "visual display of Louis's absolute power". When the Hall of Mirrors was fashioned, the only mirror-makers in Europe lived in Venice. France led Europe in the creative arts of theatrical talent. The birth of comedies and tragedies revolutionized dramatists' playwriting tactics. No theatrical arts were aided by any monarch as much as Louis did since Augustus. The main purpose of art was no longer to worship God/the gods' but to exalt the king of France.

The wars of the French were carefully chosen. Without a doubt was France the most powerful empire in Europe. Recovery from past wars and battles caused decline and disorder in other rivals. Regardless of France's strength, many martial goals were never reached. France was on the verge of liquidation. Other nations developed the Balance of Power to stop France's belligerence. The treaty of Utrecht put a stability of powering Europe. This balance was however delicate and any slight budge in power could thrust Europe into warfare.

The old king's life ended very sorrowfully. He became very sorry for his wars and intense taxes that caused great anguish he caused for Franc's people. In addition, there were also personal losses too. King Louis's only rightful son to inherit the throne died in 1711 and his favorite grandson as well not long after. Then he called for his five-year-old great-grandson and advised him to comfort the people, which unhappily he had not.


Black Like Me Paper

2166 words - 9 pages to them. The saddest part of it all is that Griffin and his friends actually take pleasure in doing this and making this poor man feel as if he were on a lower level than they were. Maybe some Negro's do understand why the whites act in the way that they do. The whites do it for they same reasons that the Negro's do it, to feel as if they are better than the other person. Somehow this makes them feel good about themselves. That same day

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916 words - 4 pages man and that is all that mattered. Simple pleasers likea drink of water or the use of a restroom become near impossible. John, at first was puzzled bythis, but soon realized that it was not his personality, his age, but his blackness that made him adisgrace in the eyes of an average white person. If he were white, a white store owner wouldhave not hesitated in the slightest to allow such privileges. How could these people be so blind asto not see

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270 words - 2 pages wanted to discover what it was like to be a black person, judged only on the basis of his skin color and not his inner self. He also wanted to further probe the reason for the high suicide tendency in the black community.In his research design, Mr. Griffin defined his dependant variables as the treatment of blacks by whites and the high suicide tendencies of blacks. His independent variable was the color of his skin, black. He based much of his

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3137 words - 13 pages government redistributed Metis land and the Metis got the less fertile bits. So generations had to deal with poverty. Then the government put Metis children into residential schools and you’ve heard about what a mess that was.” (Looks like Daylight: Voice of Indigenous Kids Ellis 104). Although Dalton’s account of his mother’s experience is a real one, a non-aboriginal reader will have a hard time understanding and feeling a connection with this story

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