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Bismarck Santos
English 3
Native Son
Throughout the book we can see that bigger’s behaviour change into different
phsycological emotions. The books shows us that as deeper we get into the chapters, bigger tends
have his emotions changed up. His mindset tends to drift into different locations due to the
experiences he goes through in his life. Bigger’s psychological behaviour goes from having the
mentally of a criminal, then going to feeling powerful, then at the end feeling peace with himself.
In bigger’s beginning behavior mentally at first goes from being the hard criminal guy.
You’ll regret how you living someday," she went on. "If you don’t stop running with that gang
of yours and do right you’ll end up where you never thought you would. You think I don’t know
what you boys is doing, but I do. And the gallows is at the end of the road you're traveling, boy,
Just remember that." She turned and looked at Buddy. "Throw that box outside, Buddy."(
Wright, 117) In this quote it explains how bigger’s mom tries to console him of his no good
ways. He then soon realizes that his ways of being that type of person really affects his family
and it separates from them. She knows that bigger’s way will lead him into something that’s
going to get him in trouble. Like that’s why in the table she told him, “I wonder why I gave birth
to you”. In that response she didn’t mean as why do I have you as a child but why are you acting
like this. Bigger mom is just worried about him because she knows that he is unstable and that
it’ll lead him into dilemas that’s not going to end well.
Then the next stage in bigger’s behavior goes into feeling powerful. "Well, you see, the
niggers is raising sand all over the country," Bigger said, struggling to keep back his laughter.
"We’ve got to do something with these black folks.(Wright, 225) In this quote has a deeper
meaning to it. Yes it represents how bigger shows his power over his hatred when he ma...

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