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Nato Essay

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During the mid 1940's the world started fearing of another uprising similar to Hitler's uprising. Soon after world war two began, the world community started taking precautions to try and avoid another uprising. It was on April 4th, 1949 when the international community decided to create the North Atlantic Treaty Organization also knows as NATO. NATO headquarters are located at Brussels, Belgium. The original purpose of NATO was to defend Western Europe from the growing fear of an attack by the USSR. The other main purpose of NATO was to revive Europe's economy and its' national governments. The military was dependant on the United States' arsenal. The original countries that made up NATO ...view middle of the document...

In order to fight wars on terrorism, meet growing fears of possible deployment of weapons of mass destruction, and ensure general world peace NATO needs proper equipment. At this time, NATO is in the course of increasing the efficiency of its forces in hope of better results toward its goals. It is also important that NATO takes on missions in hard to reach, hard to fight areas such as Afghanistan where mountains make it very hard for troops to fight in order for the troops to train and adapt to various combat situations. It was this way that Adolf Hitler's military was so ahead of its time because while Germany's enemies were outside sun tanning German's military was at the shooting range practicing.

To coordinate all operations NATO needs to have a well put command structure. NATO's current command structure does an effective job of controlling all NATO's present missions. But in order to have highly efficient operations it will need to make a few modifications to the command structure at hand. The following will be the changes that are planned to happen. The strategic command level will reduce the existing two operational strategic command centres to only one so that all strategic command personal can do all their business at one building instead of a few, this way everything will run smoother and they will be much more quickly than they were before. The next changes that NATO will soon implement will have to do with the lower level of strategic command. It will reduce the current five operational strategic command centers to only two joint command centers. This means that the previous entire twenty command headquarters will be reduced to eleven command headquarters. Last but not least, the Combat Air Operations Center will be reduced from ten to six centers. This change in the command structure promises better, quicker, more efficient resolutions to other current top issues on NATO's agenda.

The NATO Response Force is NATO's latest plan to make it known as the worlds most rational, technologically advanced fighting force. NATO is currently at the stage of adding new machinery to its aging fighting machines with new, quick, flexible response force. NATO believes it is very much needed to match enemy's possible fighting weapons in the not so distant future. NATO's New Response Force will be able...

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