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Nature Of Logic Essay

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Human thinking is a complicated matter to say the least. Most of one's original thoughts and ideas are based merely on perception rather than logic. How does logic relate to human perception? This paper will try to give an answer to that question. In this paper, the author will examine his thinking process and give an example of a situation in which his perception was not reality.
Is perception reality? Perception and reality is not the same thing. Perception can be boiled down to a person's process of receiving and translating experiences. This process can make of a large part of how an individual thinks in general. Using perception, a person can deduce the outcome of a ...view middle of the document...

It should be a goal for everyone to become a critical thinker. To do this, one must first realize that he or she does make assumptions without enough facts. The person should then begin to make a conscious effort to examine the proper evidence before making an assumption.
Personal Perception
The author's personal perceptions were formed at an early age. Like most people, he took information received from those around him and turned that information into facts in his mind. The problem with this is the difference in the messages that were being sent. Most people have the same general perceptions, but they all have a slightly different twist to the story. This, along with a very understanding set of parents, allowed the author to begin examining factual evidence at an early age as well. The biggest requirement for the ability to gain factual information is the ability to ask questions. Questioning a perception or assumption will lead to more individual questions about that assumption. The answers to these questions will ultimately lead to the truth. There are still some unruly perceptions that need to be dealt with, but for the most part, the author tries to have factual basis for all of his assumptions.
Personal Experience
As a result of not using his critical thinking skill the author has had man experiences in which his perception did not even come close to reality. One such instance involved his marriage. The author grew up in a split home. His mother and father were divorced soon after he was born. Therefore, he never really knew what it was like to live in a home with a mother and father. His father eventually remarried, but he wasn't there enough to understand the trials of a true marriage. Therefore, the author was left to base is perception of...

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